Re: How to make a gui

From: Roger Mason <>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:59:18 -0330

Hello Ilka,

Ilka Antcheva <> writes:

> Hi Roger,
> From the included code it seems that fMainV is not a data member of
> your class MyMainFrame, i.e. not known symbol in the method
> MyMainFrame::DoComboSelect.

How do I make it known? I have in the class prototype for MyMainFrame:

  TGVerticalFrame *fMainV;

Should it be declared public?

> Next, I see that you have assigned the same widgets ID to any pair of
> slider and text entry. This is wrong, because the widget's id are used
> for event processing and they should be unique. So, you could apply a
> simple formula using 'i' to generate them.

Thanks, I see my mistake.

> In addition, be careful when re-using the same layout hints (fLslider)
> for several widgets in AddFrame method.

Layout hints are not reusable? Then the only purpose in storing them is to tidy the code?

> I hope you will delete
> fLslider in the destructor, as well as all created GUI elements in
> your application, i.e. you will use the Cleanup() method for container
> frames.

Will do.

Thanks very much for your help and for answering naiive C++ questions,

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