Tests for the root framework

From: Daniele Nicolodi <daniele_at_grinta.net>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 19:53:48 +0100

Hello. I'm following the mailing list since one year or more and i'm reading a lot of bug reports that can be described as regressions on precedent behaviour of the framework. Since root is supposed to be a reliable data analysis system i think is very bad to have such bugs pop out now and then.

The easy solutin to the situation is to have unit tests that cover all the functionalities of root and run them often on the development trunk. The best would be to run them after each commit. Looking quickly through the code i was not able to find any test of the root functionality but the examples that imho does not represent a good way of testing.

I'm a python programmer and in python therea re plenty of test frameworks and i love test driven programming. what the other think about that?



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