From: Vassili Maroussov <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 12:10:33 +0200

Dear ROOTers,

if to generate with the macro tree1.C from ROOT tutorials the tree1.root file with 10000000 entries instead of 10000, the file contains 2 cycles of t1. Please take a look at the output of GetEntries() for "t1;2" in the ROOT session below. Is it a bug or it isn't supposed to use GetEntries() with all cycles except the last one?



[pcmspur5] ~/CyclePlay > root

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root [0] TFile f("tree1.root")
root [1] f->GetListOfKeys()->Print()
TKey Name = t1, Title = a simple Tree with simple variables, Cycle = 3 TKey Name = t1, Title = a simple Tree with simple variables, Cycle = 2 root [2] t2 = (TTree*)f->Get("t1;2")
(class TTree*)0xb32af98

root [3] t3 = (TTree*)f->Get("t1;3")
(class TTree*)0xb3e3778

root [4] t2->GetEntries()
(const Long64_t)181667083577196544

root [5] t3->GetEntries()
(const Long64_t)10000000

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