CINT problem?

From: Chiara Zampolli <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 12:13:28 +0200

Dear rooters,

    I am running a macro (see the attched file) which loops over some events (from event 0 to event 49) generated with AliRoot (ROOT version = v5-08-00, AliRoot = head version of Nov 1st 2005). When running it, it crashes with the error message:

----------FILE =


 rl = 0x9ad44340
********* Processing event number: 0******* Number of ESD tracks : 17415
 stack = 0x9e856a98
 npart = 586373
 sono qui ciccina!!
 sono qui ciccina 1 !!

----------FILE =


 rl = 0xba2fbdc8
Syntax Error: * momrec2events.C:237:
Error: Illegal pointer operation (tovalue) momrec2events.C:237: *** Interpreter error recovered ***
root [1] .q

NB: in the version of the macro I have attached, some of the print-outs have been suppressed, so that line 236 corresponds to line 190.

I'm not sure this is a problem with ROOT, but... could it be a problem of CINT? I have successfully compiled the macro (.L momrec2events.C++), and tried also with the gdb debugger, but "No stack" has been produced, so I don't know what else I should do...

Do you have any suggestion?
Thank you in advance.
Best Regards,


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