Re: Zooming problem with TGraph

From: Marco Calviani <>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 08:43:32 +0200

Hi Rene,

   thanks for the bits, now the visualization, zooming and unzooming is working. However now i've problem in other fields: 1) i'm not able to use correctly the FitPanel since it performs the fit in a location different to that selected with the bar in the panel;
2) I'm not able to save the TGraph in a root file, since when i reopen the saved root file and plot the graph, nothing appears. This is the code i've added to the past macro:

  TFile *dati = new TFile("dati.root","RECREATE");    gr->Write("Cm245");


Many thanks,

2006/4/29, Rene Brun <>:
> In attachement, see a new version of your script that will work
> correctly with unzooming. It uses a function DrawFrame that is
> a copy of the updated function TPad::DrawFrame now in CVS.
> Rene Brun
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