Re: Displaying graphs before main() returns

From: Roland Kuhn <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 20:33:09 +0200

Hi Valeri!

On 31 May 2006, at 19:33, Fine, Valeri wrote:

> Hello Roland
> May I comment one thing?
> You wrote:
>> This is no longer true in case of a script because it depends on the
>> internal state of the CINT.
> It seems to me you suppose that making your own so-called "stand-
> alone"
> application linked against of ROOT libraries you get rid of the
> "internal state of CINT"
> All your conclusions are based on this hypothesis.

Not the ones about debug-ability.

> However, it is not correct. Many ROOT classes do use the CINT
> internally
> (the best example is the ROOT Signal / Slot communication).
> In other words, your proof of the advantages of the stand-alone
> ROOT-based applications is based on false premises.
> Assuming the "internal state of CINT" does exist one may have conclude
> that making his own "stand alone" application doesn't eliminate it at
> all.

Your statement is theoretically correct, I should have phrased mine differently. In an interactive session all previously entered commands can potentially influence the running analysis script, thus the result of the analysis could depend on what the user did before running the script. Of course, if the script is 100% bug free and the programmer has taken the CINT environment into account, there should be no interference. The problem could also be avoided by always running the analysis script in a fresh root session. But mistakes happen. And this kind of mistake is not possible with an application that does not offer the command line prompt.

This argument is not hypothetical but based on personal experience.

> Therefore, one is advised to use CINT interpreter as the tool to
> prototype the application and ACLiC to use it in "production" mode.

Interpreter and ACLiC certainly are very useful tools, but not the only ones.



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