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From: OKUMURA, Akira <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 19:04:38 +0900

Hello ROOTers,

I would like to change unit which is shown on an axis of a TGraph without changing unit of input data.
I created a TGraph with data (wavelength VS QE), for example

# wavelength[m]	QE
3.0e-7		0.207
3.2e-7		0.220
3.4e-7		0.239
3.6e-7		0.235

If I draw the graph, X axis range will be [3.0e-7, 3.6e-7]. But I would like to change the unit from [m] to [nm]. If possible, new axis range will be [300, 360].

Is there any simple solution ?
I would like to keep the internal data of TGraph in unit of [m].


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