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GLAST is also in this boat - our summary data provided to the community is in FITS, but many of us would love to have the equivalent of astroroot's tf2tree available to convert FITS file to Root trees (and on windows too!).


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Hi Valeri,
Based on my >20 years of experience in HEP I share your viewpoint
that a FITS format for standard accelerator HEP experiments is
not a very useful/efficient way of storing the data (unless one
only has calorimeter like data).
Furthermore, I am not stressing the need for the FITS image data
(although it would be nice to support that too), but my first 
interest goes for the physics data blocks of the FITS structure
so that I can analyse satellite (e.g. Batse, Swift) and EAS data
(like Veritas, HESS) together with our IceCube data which are
already in ROOT.

So, in case you have something which needs to be tested, just
let me know so that I can be the guinnee pig (as usual :),
since we have quite a bit of data available.


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thanks to everybody who answered to the "FITS and ROOT" thread.
Actually intention to support of FITS image (say picture) format in 
ROOT was declared  at the first introduction of TImage/TASImage 
class (kFits file type from TImage.h) but was not implemented. 
We will revisit it soon.
In connection with previous topic "wikipedia & ROOT", I was slightly 
surprised by mention by Andy the FITS format 
(which is in general a table of numbers)  as format for saving of HEP data,
which is in general has hierachical structure.

Regards. Valeriy

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Hi Nicolas,
Yep, I have also mentioned to Valeri (cc. to Rene and Fons)
that a native FITS in ROOT would be great w.r.t. the
multi-messenger campaign we are currently setting up between
the IceCube and the gamma ray community to investigate
astrophysical objects both in EM radiation as well as in neutrinos.


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> Hi,
> FITS format integration has already been done in ISDC by Reiner Rohlfs.
> We distribute astroroot which is root bundled with FITS and other goodies.
> For example we have a generic tool that can transform any FITS table
> into a ROOT tree, which is basically all what you need.
> I would love to see FITS native into ROOT.
> FITS is an important and unavoidable format if you do astrophysics.
> Many database that could be of interest to HEP (like the BATSE GRB
> catalog) are natively in FITS.
> See you.
> --
> Nicolas Produit
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