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From: Dimitri Bourilkov <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 20:49:35 -0400

Hi all,

     The discussions have steadily increased in scope, so let's go back to some of the initial points. To add, I am just a ROOT user (was a PAW and HBOOK one as well), know both the strong sides and limitations, and have developed code on top of ROOT without major problems.

  1. Regardless of what you think of Andy's criticisms, the wikipedia page right now is not balanced: the info about ROOT is squeezed to less than 50 % of the page?!
  2. Let's not forget the users. ROOT provides a one-stop, easy to install/port package, that does a lot. Many users don't want/need beautifully designed, but "lean" frameworks, where you are mostly left with do-it-yourself (and you need the plots for the conference in two days).
  3. ROOT was developed in an extreme programming style with frequent releases and tons of user feedback (as this list is a witness), so it does many things that people have asked for.

     Now to the criticisms. Some of them are really matter of taste, I don't believe there is a one size fits all solution:

     To summarize, staying close to users has given ROOT its strongest sides, I think the features (criticisms) listed here actually work quite well for many people.

     Best, Dimitri

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