RE: Visual Studio Example Needed

From: Valeri Onuchin <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 15:20:02 +0200

Hi Weijun,  

>Hi, Valeriy,
>I have the test files on my root package as well. I tried the following
>two options with no success:
>1. using cygwin make facility.

Run "make" - must work.

>2. trying to make a Visual Studio project file by adding files to an
>empty project.

I suggested to look how it is done at

The programs from $ROOTSYS/test are different in terms of VisualStudio:

- some of them are pure console applications.
- some of them are pure gui applications.
- some of them require pre-compilation step, i.e. running
  rootcint for dicitionary generation.

>Is that possible to get a Visual Studio project file. Or probably there
>is a way to convert Makefile to that but I do not know exactly how?

There is a way to convert Makefile to VS project. Axel or Bertrand may comment on it.

Ideally it would be good to have a set of VS wizards which would simplify creation of ROOT VS project - in the way how it is done for MFC projects.

Regards. Valeriy

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Hi Weijun,
you can find VC6 project files (which can be automatically converted to VC7.1 ones)
of example-programs from $ROOTSYS/test directory (including the famous RootShower ;-).
at (~400 Kbytes).

Regards. Valeriy

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Hello Weijun,  

First of all, You need at least Visual Studio 7.1 (VS 6 is not supported anymore)

Then you can take a look at the two attached projects.

HelloWorld is a simple hello world based on $(ROOTSYS)/test/hworld.cxx (pure ROOT application).

MFCMDIRoot is a (more complex) MFC MDI application with an embedded ROOT TCanvas.

Hope this will help.  



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Dear Rooters,  

I am amazed by possible tasks that could be done with root. I have Visual Studio 6 with service pack 5 now, Window XP Prof. Could someone possible send me a example for using ROOT graphical classes in VS6, such as a "hello world"? I have been working on this without success. I may install a .NET version on my PC as well, so that will fit my purpose if being more convenient for example availability.  

Thanks in advance,  


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