Re: Response to ROOT criticism?

From: Fine, Valeri <>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 11:42:27 -0400

> > Yes, it would but no-one else in the world needs it to do so, because
> > no-one else tries to interpret C++.

> Not true. Take a look at

> * CH -

Yes, I did look at ( I did it before too ;). Obviously it is NOT C++ !!! it is "a superset of C"

Check the picture

The Web page:

Ch is an embeddable interpreter that provides a superset of C with salient extensions. It parses and executes C code directly without intermediate code or byte code.

I found no description of the equivalent of the ROOT ACliC capability yet.  

What about your second:

> * UnderC - <>

It sounds like the last release of the UnderC was done 3 years ago !!!  

The page <> says:  

" . . . 3. This has been done before. Why do it again?

The only freely available interactive C++ interpreter that I know of is CINT, which is by Masaharu Goto. CINT was used as the basis for the ROOT <> class library developed at CERN and used at many high-energy physics research labs. There are a number of C interpreters under active open development, like EiC <> , and several C-like languages like ElastiC, ICI and Pike.

 I had actually done most of UnderC before I heard of CINT,

. . . "

Cheers, Valeri Fine Received on Sat Aug 12 2006 - 17:43:06 MEST

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