Re: a few ruby-root questions

From: Mike Williams <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 19:16:49 -0400 (EDT)


> Does the following work:
> { |o|"TString").Data() }.each { |s| ... }

yes it does! i implemented this by writing a simple class:

/// TObject wrapper of std::string (so it can be put in a TList for Ruby-ROOT) class ObjString : public TObject, public string { public:
  ObjString(const char *__s) : TObject(),string(__s){/** Ctor */}   /** Use this method in Ruby to get a Ruby String object */   const char* to_rstring() const {return this->c_str();}   ClassDef(ObjString,0);

which on the C++ side passes as just std::string but can be put in a TList, then in Ruby i can do:

some_class.get_strs.collect{|objstr| objstr.to_rstring}.each{|str| ... }

which is bascially all i wanted. to pass an Array of String into my C++ functions i simply added:

class Array
  def to_tlist
    tlist =

      if(el.instance_of?(String)) then tlist.Add(
      else tlist.Add(el)


to Ruby's Array class, since there doesn't seem to be an automatic conversion of Array or String to a C-type like there is for Array of Float...but this works ok.

thanks alot elias. i have recently become a big fan of Ruby (for a number of reasons, not the least of which is having oo regular expressions), and ruby-root has made combining the aspects of Ruby i like with root's graphical objects quite simple.

thanks again for your help...and for writing the root ruby binding in the first place.

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