Re: Root macro call Fortran subroutines

From: Weijun Guo <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 08:24:11 -0500


I tried to follow a discussion between Rene Brun and smith277 on a thread: fortran+code

On my PC (windows xp), I have ROOT installed with the Windows Installer Packages, Cygwin packages (g++, f77, etc.), Compaq Visual Fortran
(6.5), and Visual Studio .Net 2002(7.0).

In that thread, Rene Brun described the following procedure:

a simple example with a fortran file myf77.f function myf77(arg1,arg2)
integer arg1
double precision arg2,myf77
myf77 = arg1*sqrt(arg2)
print *, 'arg1=',arg1,' arg2=',arg2, ' myf77=',myf77 end

Create a small shared lib
g77 -c myf77.f
g++ -Wl,-soname, -shared -o myf77.o -lg2c

a simple C++ file myc2f77.C calling this f77 function #define myf77 myf77_
extern "C" double myf77(int &arg1, double &arg2); void myc2f77(int arg1, double arg2) {
double res = myf77(arg1,arg2);

Now a simple ROOT session

root > gSystem->Load("libmyf77") 
root > .L myc2f77.C+ 
root > myc2f77(2,6)


I got the libmyf77.lib compiled successfully, but when I type in:


ROOT was complaining about not finding the library, which does exist in the working directory. The error is as following:

Error in <TWinNTSystem::DynamicPathName>: libmyf77 does not exist in .;C:\root\/bin;C:\NuTCROOT\bin; C:\NuTCROOT\bin\X11;C:\NuTCROOT\mksnt; C:\root\bin; C:\VSNET02\Common7\IDE; (...and a lot of other directories, I took them out to shorten the message...) , or has wrong file extension

I guess this is due to some possible incompatible factors between my windows version of ROOT and g77 compiler. Could someone possibly help me out on this?



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