From: Satya J <xsatya_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 16:41:19 +0530

Dear Sir,

I am running a automated job in perl script, this is basically creating a shell file "MyScript.sh" which looks like

#!/bin/sh -f
root -b<<EOF
.x Lab423Mon.C("/home/RPCMON/rpc0152.dat",24);

EOF I want to run this by "cron" job method
in "crontab" file I edited as follows for test purpose and I put */2 say it to run every two minutes.

*/2 * * * * /home/lab/MyScript.sh > /home/lab/RunLog.txt 2>&1

But it is not running properly giving the error massage in the file RunLog.txt as

/home/lab/MyScript.sh: line 3: root: command not found

can it possible to run root submitting it to "cron" is there any thing wrong in my root environment setup? I have root *v5-08-00 *in my system.

Note: when I am running MyScript.sh by

               [...]$sh MyScript.sh
simple shell it works without error.

Please help me.
Your suggestion and comments will be welcome. Thanks
Satya Received on Sat Sep 02 2006 - 13:11:29 MEST

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