Trouble reading Leaf information

From: Adam Roe <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 12:15:58 +0200

Hi Rooters,
I have a confused pointer, but i can't seem to straighten it out. The following is from the command line, where Calibration is a Tree that i have loaded in.

root [16] Int_t Mycham_id = Calibration->GetBranch("EVENT")->GetLeaf("id")->PrintValue() root [17] Mycham_id
root [18] std::cout << Mycham_id << std::endl; 0

I am trying to access the value of id, which is 220113290 in this case. I don't understand why the last line does not output the value, but rather the 0 - presumably the same 0 that is showing up from the output of line 17.

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