RE: rootcint error

From: Philippe Canal <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 13:04:19 -0500

This is probably a weakness in CINT macro preprocessor. Use the compiler's own pre-processor by adding the -p option:

rootcint -f src/CorsikaIODict.cxx -c -p include/ACorsikaIACTFile.h include/LinkDef.h


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Hello ROOTers,

rootcint seems not to be able to handle comments correctly.

The following is output of my makefile.

rootcint -f src/CorsikaIODict.cxx -c include/ACorsikaIACTFile.h include/LinkDef.h
Error: Illegal pointer operation (tovalue) include/bernlohr/initial.h: 100:
Error: operator '/' divided by zero include/bernlohr/initial.h:100: Syntax Error: (defined(lynx)||defined(__lynx__))/*Lynx-OS*/ include/ bernlohr/initial.h:100:

If I delete the comment at the end of the line 99, rootcint runs without this error.

line 98: # define MISSING_SNPRINTF 1
line 99: #elif ( defined(lynx) || defined(__lynx__) ) /* Lynx-OS */ line 100: # define OS_UNIX 1

Is this a bug or any my mistake ?

ROOT 5.08.00b with Fedora Core 3/GCC 3.4.3.


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