installing root from source using visual C++

From: George Locke <>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 18:03:04 -0400


I am having trouble installing root (ver 5.13.02) on my windoze box (windows 2000 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4).

I was able to install it using cygwin/gcc, but for various reasons, i need to install it using Visual C++ 6.0 . I tried following these instructions but they failed early b/c the batch file looks for a .sln file which is created

by visual studio .net but not by 6.0.  (it seems that the .dsw file is
analogous to the .sln file but simply substituting .dsw for .sln did
not do the trick).

I configured with the ./configure win32 command (in the cygwin command line, since the DOS prompt doesn't recognize configure). I tried making in cygwin, but cygwin is unable to create rmkdepend.exe. At first, make was not a recognized command in DOS, so I downloaded a windows version of make (version 3.78.1 from here ). It seems that the make i dl'd from there was able to create rmkdepend, but i am not sure if it is configured correctly.

aside from some warnings from about root's exception handling (warning C4530), there were some error messages sent to the command line, not included in the makelog (cuz dos is eminently stupid), which i'm posting here: ) dos promt says "
link: invalid option --n
try 'link --help' for more information.
build/win/ line 59: bin/bindexplib: No such file or directory link: invalid option --D
try 'link --help' for more information.
make: *** [lib/libCint.dll] Error 1

in the file on line 59 i find the lline "$bindexp $name $R__OBJS > $libdir/${name}.def " i could provide more context here but i don't really understand what i'm looking at.

"Error 1" is certainly most inscrutable. There is no file or folder
[source_dir]/bin/bindexplib , and the makelog entry for libCint includes a reference to such a file/folder, which clearly indicates a problem.

No files or folders have been created within the target rootsys directory.

I am at a loss as to how to proceed.

If somebody can explain how to edit the .sh file from Axel Naumann's page ( ) to be used on my .dsw file instead of the .sln file it looks for i would be most obliged.

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