New release of Debian ROOT packages - Development Snapshot

From: Christian Holm Christensen <>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 11:50:39 +0100

Hi ROOT'ers and Debian Scientists,

I have made new packages of ROOT for Debian GNU/Linux unstable ('sid') on i386. You can get them from

        deb unstable root 

The source package (slightly modifed to the upstream sources) are available from

        deb-src unstable root 

The builds are for i386 (32 bit intel-like) and Debian GNU/Linux unstable. Note, that it should work with Ubuntu unstable too, but see more below.

About the release: The packages have version number 5.13.05-5. The packages are built from the sources as checked out from CVS yesterday
(28th of October, 2006). The reason a snapshot was chosen, rather than
the development release (5.13.04) or even the stable release (5.12.00) is because we're working to get the next ROOT production release
(5.14.00 - due sometime mid-December) in to the official Debian unstable
distribution. Unfortunately, this will not be in time for the next stable release of Debian (etch - due sometime mid-December). However, if all goes well, then ROOT will be in the next stable release of Debian
(codename unknown - due sometime 2007). Please see below how _you_ can
help make that happen.

Call for testers: Users are invited to download and install the packages, and report an problems to me ( In particular, I'd like to hear feed-back from PROOF users, XRootd users, and users of Ubuntu.

Call for builders: If you have Debian GNU/Linux running on some architecture other than i386, I'd very much like if you could try to rebuild the packages for your platform, and report back problems to me
( In particular, I'd like to hear about builds for amd64,
ia64, powerpc, powerpc64, and similar. If you successfully make these packages, I'd gladly post them in the repository. Just put them somewhere I can get at them, and I'll upload them for others to use.

Red Hat Linux packages: At this time, no new RPMs have been built of ROOT. However, it should be possible to do that, as outlined on 

If I have the time one of these days, I'll make RPMs too.


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