Re: New release of Debian ROOT packages - Development Snapshot

From: Roland Kuhn <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 10:32:34 +0100

Hi Christian!

On 30 Oct 2006, at 08:52, Christian Holm Christensen wrote:

>> I
>> installed all resulting .deb files on a machine which previously did
>> not have any X11 stuff (it's a rented remote server), so I'll have to
>> trust that the dependencies for building pulled in all the required
>> stuff.
> Well, I guess it did, otherwise it shouldn't build :-)

Well, I had to install xbase-clients by hand, otherwise there's no X11-forwarding via SSH. This is not in any way related with ROOT, but it made me ask myself whether some dependency might have been missed because some packages are always there by default on a normal desktop install. Up to now it looks fine :-)

>> One thing I noticed: it seems required to set ROOTSYS=/usr, otherwise
>> there are complaints. For someone using ROOT already this is obvious,
>> but if this is to go into Debian stable, /usr should be the default
>> if nothing is set.
> Try unsetting the ROOTSYS environment variable (and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> for
> that matter). These variables are _not_ needed.

Without the Qt plugin it gave no errors, but with it I got

rkuhn_at_rk:~$ root
Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: $ROOTSYS/bin/root.exe, output: $ROOTSYS/bin/root.exe
Xlib: extension "XInputExtension" missing on display "localhost:10.0". Failed to get list of devices
** $Id: TGQt.cxx,v 1.33 2006/10/04 16:08:48 antcheva Exp $ this=0xb12a70 The font "symbol.ttf" was not installed yet Substitute it with "Arial"
Make sure your local "~/.fonts.conf" or "/etc/fonts/fonts.conf" file points to "$ROOOTSYS/fonts" directory to get the proper support for ROOT TLatex class

Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/ 
libQtRoot.dll, output: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/libQtRoot.dll
Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/, output: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/ Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/ libGui.dll, output: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/libGui.dll Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/, output: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/

Compiled on 29 October 2006 for linuxx8664gcc with thread support.

CINT/ROOT C/C++ Interpreter version 5.16.15, September 21, 2006 Type ? for help. Commands must be C++ statements. Enclose multiple statements between { }. Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/ libvectorDict.dll, output: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/libvectorDict.dll Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/, output: $ROOTSYS/cint/include/ root [0] .q

To check e.g. library loading I tried 'gSystem.Load("")' and got again two Errors with qt and none without. The library seems to work, though.

>> I've put the .deb files on /afs/
>> root_amd64
> Oh, ok. Thanks. They have been posted. Thanks again.

Keep in mind that they've been built on testing, not unstable. Should work, but I thought I'd mention it.

I'm doing some stress tests now. Don't look too much at the performance, I've only got a xen virtual machine on a single CPU host system and memory is quite limited.

rkuhn_at_rk:~/test$ ./stress

Conversion XYZT->PtEtaPhiE       time = 0.00038409233   (sec)
creationSet TLorentzVector       time = 7.4863434e-05   (sec)
creationSet  XYZTVector          time = 3.6001205e-05   (sec)
creationSet  PtEtaPhiEVector     time = 0.00029802322   (sec)
Addition TLorentzVector          time = 0.04678607      (sec)
Addition XYZTVector              time = 0.0027399063    (sec)
Addition PtEtaPhiEVector         time = 0.32845092      (sec)
Scale of TLorentzVector          time = 9.2983246e-05   (sec)
Scale of XYZTVector              time = 4.0054321e-05   (sec)
Scale of PtEtaPhiEVector         time = 3.5047531e-05   (sec)
DeltaR   TLorentzVector          time = 0.25100994      (sec)
DeltaR   XYZTVector              time = 0.249933        (sec)
DeltaR   PtEtaPhiEVector         time = 0.0071101189    (sec)
Analysis1 TLorentzVector         time = 0.14524102      (sec)
Analysis1 XYZTVector             time = 0.13999701      (sec)
Analysis1 PtEtaPhiEVector        time = 0.019932032     (sec)
Analysis2 TLorentzVector         time = 0.1393199       (sec)
Analysis2 XYZTVector             time = 0.13704085      (sec)
Analysis2 PtEtaPhiEVector        time = 0.0037739277    (sec)
TRotation  TLorentzVector        time = 0.00010704994   (sec)
Rotation3D XYZTVector            time = 4.5061111e-05   (sec)
Rotation3D PtEtaPhiEVector       time = 0.00069212914   (sec)
TMatrix * XYZTVector             time = 0.00014996529   (sec)
SMatrix * XYZTVector             time = 1.502037e-05    (sec)
SMatrix * PtEtaPhiEVector        time = 0.0012199879    (sec)
Boost TLorentzVector             time = 0.0001180172    (sec)
Boost XYZTVector                 time = 7.4148178e-05   (sec)
Boost PtEtaPhiEVector            time = 0.00069308281   (sec)
Boost2 TLorentzVector            time = 0.0001449585    (sec)
Boost2 XYZTVector                time = 4.9114227e-05   (sec)
Boost2 PtEtaPhiEVector           time = 0.00086808205   (sec)
BoostX TLorentzVector            time = 0.00012612343   (sec)
BoostX XYZTVector                time = 4.9114227e-05   (sec)
BoostX PtEtaPhiEVector           time = 0.00064682961   (sec)
BoostX2 TLorentzVector           time = 0.0001270771    (sec)
BoostX2 XYZTVector               time = 2.7894974e-05   (sec)
BoostX2 PtEtaPhiEVector          time = 0.00064206123   (sec)

Total Time for  TLorentzVector        = 0.583512        (sec)
Total Time for  XYZTVector            = 0.530162        (sec)
Total Time for  PtRhoPhiEtaVector     = 0.364891        (sec)

I've not noticed any failures (stressGraphics seems to require the creation of a file which I cannot write as non-root, stressHepix seems to want to call only the other stress tests, which fails because I don't have '.' in my PATH, and I shouldn't be forced to).



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