Re: New release of Debian ROOT packages - DevelopmentSnapshot

From: Roland Kuhn <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 21:31:49 +0100

Hi Valeri!

On 30 Oct 2006, at 14:43, Fine, Valeri wrote:

> For me
>> Xlib: extension "XInputExtension" missing on display "localhost:
>> 10.0".
>> Failed to get list of devices
> sounds like some problem with the Qt installation alone. Can you
> confirmn the Qt tests do work properly there? (by the way which
> version of Qt on LD_LIBRARY_PATH ? )

Tests with the qt3-examples show the same two lines of output, so I assume it's normal with my setup. Could it be the local X server? That would be Apple's "X11 1.1 - XFree 4.4.0". Concerning Qt, I'm using the Debian package, version 3.3.7-1, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH is unset. Everything seems to work fine, though. I tried hello and dirview, navigation works with mouse or keyboard. Is there a critical one, which would have a higher failure probability?

Anyway, this is evolving away from ROOT, and I can certainly live with those two extra lines of output. Thanks for your responses.



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