Problem in reading root file

Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 12:59:07 +0530

Hi rooters,

I have a root file "Kinematics.root" The file contains following informations.
(1) A folder: Event0
(2) Tree: TreeK
(3) Branch: Particles
(4) Varibles: e.g. fPx,fPy etc.

I want to read this file and cout following informations e.g.
cout<<"fPx = "<<fPx<<endl;

I tried Using TTree::MakeClass for reading this tree but failed. I am attaching my file "Kinematics.root" file and "TestCode.C" with this mail. Please help me in reading this file.

Thanks in advance.

I am using Linux Fedora core 1.
Root Version 5.13/04

best regards,
sudhir bhardwaj
Sudhir Bhardwaj

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