Re: cygwin 'make install' deleted everything!

From: George Locke <>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 12:00:55 -0500

the same problem happened with 5.13.04 .

i sent the makelog to another directory, and you can see what's happening here:

when i did 'make cintdlls' again, the response was as one would want, telling me that i had already done this step, whihc i did right before the problem appeared...

this is a 'win32' configured build.

this time i copied the pre-install directory before 'make install' so i should be able to try and fix the problem without making the whole thing over again...

what's going on here?

looking at the root log, it seems to know where the $DESTDIR is, the first indication of a problem comes when it tries to delete some of the source files and then install the tutorials: "
Installing misc docs in /c/Root
rm: cannot remove directory `/c/Root/mytmpinstall/root/zip': Directory not empty Installing tutorials in /c/Root/tutorials cp: cannot stat `tutorials/*': No such file or directory Installing tests in /c/Root/test
cp: cannot stat `test/*': No such file or directory "

it seems to me that it does know where $DESTDIR is but it doesn't seem to know where $INSTALLDIR is maybe?

i am workign to find a solution, but this is agonizing, after all the trouble i've had getting this to build in the first place...


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