Project a Chain into a Histogram

From: Melinda siciliano <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:55:06 +0100


I'm using the latest version of root (5.13.04) on linux. I tried to fill an histogram with

  TFile *f= new
TFile("/aliraid2/alice/melinda/melinda/prove/005/ntupleincatenate_nuove.root");   TChain *cate = (TChain*)f->Get("nt");
 TH1F *tracmax = new TH1F("trac","piu15t",200,14.,1000.);   cate->Project("trac","ntrksSPD","ntrksSPD>=16");

and when i tried to run the macro, i obtained this message:

Program exited with code 06.


What have I to do? This macro run without problems with the version 5.11.06. Have I ti change something?


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