Problem in reading many events together

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 11:46:08 +0530

Dear Rooters,

I am using Root Version 5.13/04 on Fedora core 1.

I have already asked part of my problem in root talk and that has been solved by Rene. But now I have some other problem.

I have a file called Kinametic.root. at the following address: In this there are folders e.g.
Event0, Event1 ... . In each event there is a Tree called TreeK and Branch TParticles. Then there are leves fPx,fPy etc. I can read each folder seprately by a macro(Given by Rene). But I want to read all the folders in one run.
I tried to solve the problem from examples of ROOT tutorial and User Guide but failed. I am attaching macro TestCode.C . Please Help.
Sudhir Bhardwaj

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