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From: Andrei Gheata <Andrei.Gheata_at_cern.ch>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 13:44:29 +0100

Sorry, I forgot to reply all.

attached mail follows:

Hi Andre,

You can do this as a patch to the initial geometry. Suppose you have this in a file:

    TGeoManager *geom = TGeoManager::Import("orig.root");    // Supposing you know the geomety path to the node representing your positioned tube:

    TGeoPhysicalNode * phnode =

    TGeoTube *new_tube = new TGeoTube("newTUBE", new_params...);     TGeoMatrix *new_matrix = new ... // define the new local positioning matrix for your tube (with respect to its mother)

    pnode->Align(new_matrix, new_tube);

You are done...


Andre Lebedev wrote:
> Hello, ROOTers.
> Can I reposition a volume and change its dimensions in geometry after it
> has been created with
> gGeoManager->MakeTube()
> and inserted through
> TGeoVolume::AddNode(...)
> The issue is that I have a default geometry for the experiment and a few
> volumes are repositioned depending on the run.
> Thanks,
> Andre.
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