Re: Histogram title

From: Rene Brun <>
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 09:27:16 +0100

Hi Chiara,

Please read the documentation of TStyle::SetTitleFont

void SetTitleFont(Style_t font, Option_t *axis)
 if axis =="x"  set the X axis title font
 if axis =="y"  set the Y axis title font
 if axis =="z"  set the Z axis title font
 any other value of axis will set the pad title font  if axis="xyz" set all 3 axes

Also note that if you select a font style in pixels (63), you should specify a number
of pixels for the font size. See class description of TAttText at

Rene Brun

zampolli wrote:
> Hi rooters,
> how can I modify the size of the title of a histogram? I have tried
> with:
> gStyle->SetTitleFont(63);
> gStyle->SetTitleFontSize(0.09);
> but the only thing which changes is the size of the pavetext where the
> title is written, not the dimension of the font. Moreover, these lines
> affect also the x-axis title, that I don't want to happen...
> Could you please help me?
> Thank you a lot.
> Best Regards,
> Chiara
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