Syntax error while initializing a variable

From: OKUMURA, Akira <>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 16:18:12 +0900

Hello ROOTers,

I think the following two expressions are same: static const double d1(0);
static const double d1 = 0;

But when I generate a dictionary of my classes, rootcint outputs syntax errors,

$ make
rootcint -f src/APGAnalysisDict.cxx -c -p include/APGEvent.h include/ APGEventDisplay.h include/APGEventHeader.h include/APGRawDataFile.h include/APGRunHeader.h include/LinkDef.h

Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:310:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:311:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:315:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:316:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:317:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:318:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:319:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:320:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:321:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:322:
Syntax error /ashra/home/oxon/include/CCfits/FITSUtil.h:323:
Warning: Error occurred during reading source files Warning: Error occurred during dictionary source generation !!!Removing src/APGAnalysisDict.cxx src/APGAnalysisDict.h !!! Error: rootcint: error loading headers...

CCfits is external package which was coded by others. And APG*. {h,cxx} are my own codes.

Only APGRawDataFile.h includes <CCfits/FITSUtil.h>. This header has 14 lines which cause this syntax errors.

static const double d1(0);
static const float f1(0);
static const std::complex<float> c1(0.); static const std::complex<double> d2(0.); static const string s1("");
static const int i1(0);
static const unsigned int u1(0);
static const long l1(0);
static const unsigned long ul1(0);
static const LONGLONG ll1(0);
static const short s2(0);
static const unsigned short us1(0);
static const bool b1(false);
static const unsigned char b2(0);

I added a line as a test before #include in APGRawDataFile.h. static const double a(0);
#include <CCfits/FITSUtil.h>

However this additional line was not detected as a syntax error.

If CCfits is my own package, of course I will modify the above 14 lines like as "d1(0)" -> "d1 = 0". But it is a package which was coded by other developers. Therefore I would not like to change the code.

Is there any solution from ROOT side?

RH7.3, gcc 3.4.5, ROOT 5.08


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