Minimal config needed to read/write TNtuple?

From: Tom Roberts <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 18:02:20 -0600

I am implementing the ability to read and write a TNtuple into my Geant4 simulation program. I found that I need to link with libTree, libCint, and libCore. When I try to use a TNtuple, I get the error message:

       Error: cannot open file "bool.h" :0: But the TNtuple file can be written and read correctly. I'm guessing that Cint is unhappy, but for a simple TNtuple it is not needed.

I want to distribute a binary version of the program to users who probably don't have Root installed, and who are physicists but not C++ programmers. That error message will be confusing, especially to people who never use Root....

What files and directories do I need to include in my distribution, beyond those 3 shared objects? Is there any simple way to reduce what is needed?

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