(Pi/2. ) != (90.0 DegToRad)

From: Kathrin Stoerig <Kathrin.Stoerig_at_cern.ch>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 12:31:16 +0100


I have been working with some trigonometric functions of the
"TMath"-Class when I discovered a peculiar behaviour of ROOT v5.0.12e.
I have appended a stand-alone piece of my code. The comments at the end show my output when compiling or interpreting. While interpreting with Cint, everything is okay, but when I compile it, the following comparison is astonishing to me:

"Double_t phi=90.0*TMath::DegToRad();

 if (phi==TMath::Pi()/2.0) returns "false",  while if(phi==TMath::PiOver2()) returns true?! "

Much more interesting is the fact, that:
"Double_t phi=90.0*TMath::DegToRad();

 if (phi==TMath::Pi()/2.0) now returns "true" - instead of "cout" e.g. an empty "for"-loop is possible and still returns "true", a variable declaration as "Int_t a=5" returns "false" and "Double_t b=TMath::Cos(5.)" returns "true" again.

Any ideas?
As you can see in my code, I tried a lot of possibilities (casting the numbers to doubles, updating ROOT to version 5.0.14 etc.) without success. Please tell me whats wrong or how to prevent this infelicitous situation.

Best regards,
Kathrin Stoerig

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