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From: daniel cussol <cussol_at_ccimap.in2p3.fr>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 16:00:54 +0100

Hello everybody,
 I am trying to build a multi-thread application in which I need to refresh canvases. Unfortunately, this leads usually to a complete freezing of my application. It seems as it is mentioned in the documentation that there still are some problems with W11 and threads. I have nevertheless noticed that when I select the "interrupt" item in the "Option" menu of the TCanvas before refreshing it, all seemed to be Ok. My question is then: what sequence of commans and/or code is activated when one select the "interrupt" item in the "Option" menu of the TCanvas? I was not clever enough to obtain this information from the source code.
I run ROOT v5.12.00 on MacOs X.3.9 and on SL4.

Thanks for your help.


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