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Standard PROOF installation on a desktop / laptop

In this section we describe how to get a standard (via daemon) PROOF session on the local machine.

The advised way to run PROOF on a desktop is using PROOF-Lite. However, for testing purposes (or if the ROOT version id older than 5.22/00) one may still want to fully enable PROOF on the local machine.

To do that, the only thing needed is a very simple configuration file for xrootd (downloadable from here):

### Load the XrdProofd protocol
xrd.protocol xproofd

Assuming the this file is located at $MYCONFS/, you just need to start xrootd from the command line

xrootd -c $MYCONFS/ -b -l /tmp/xpd.log

and a PROOF session from your ROOT session:

root[0] proof = TProof::Open("localhost")

A session with a number of workers equal to the number of CPUs in your machine will be started. The number of workers can be changed using the xpd.localwrks in $MYCONFS/; for example, repeating the exercise after having added

xpd.localwrks 4

to $MYCONFS/, the PROOF session will have 4 workers, regardless of the number of processors in the machine.