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class TGContainer : public TGCompositeFrame

virtual void ActivateItem(TGFrameElement* el) virtual void ClearViewPort() virtual void DoRedraw() virtual void End(Bool_t select = kFALSE) virtual TGFrameElement* FindFrame(const TString& name, Bool_t direction = kTRUE, Bool_t caseSensitive = kTRUE, Bool_t beginWith = kFALSE) virtual void Home(Bool_t select = kFALSE) virtual void LineDown(Bool_t select = kFALSE) virtual void LineLeft(Bool_t select = kFALSE) virtual void LineRight(Bool_t select = kFALSE) virtual void LineUp(Bool_t select = kFALSE) virtual void OnAutoScroll() virtual void PageDown(Bool_t select = kFALSE) virtual void PageUp(Bool_t select = kFALSE) virtual void RepeatSearch() virtual void Search() virtual void SearchPattern() public:
TGContainer TGContainer(const TGWindow* p, UInt_t w, UInt_t h, UInt_t options = kSunkenFrame, ULong_t back = GetDefaultFrameBackground()) TGContainer TGContainer(const TGContainer&) virtual void ~TGContainer() virtual void AdjustPosition() virtual void Associate(const TGWindow* w) static TClass* Class() virtual void Clicked(TGFrame* f, Int_t btn) virtual void Clicked(TGFrame* f, Int_t btn, Int_t x, Int_t y) virtual void CurrentChanged(Int_t x, Int_t y) virtual void CurrentChanged(TGFrame* f) virtual void DoubleClicked(TGFrame* f, Int_t btn) virtual void DoubleClicked(TGFrame* f, Int_t btn, Int_t x, Int_t y) virtual void DrawRegion(Int_t x, Int_t y, UInt_t w, UInt_t h) virtual TGFrameElement* FindFrame(Int_t x, Int_t y, Bool_t exclude = kTRUE) virtual TGFrame* GetLastActive() const const TGWindow* GetMessageWindow() const virtual const TGFrame* GetNextSelected(void** current) const TGDimension GetPageDimension() const TGPosition GetPagePosition() const virtual Bool_t HandleButton(Event_t* event) virtual Bool_t HandleDoubleClick(Event_t* event) virtual Bool_t HandleExpose(Event_t* event) virtual Bool_t HandleKey(Event_t* event) virtual Bool_t HandleMotion(Event_t* event) virtual void InvertSelection() virtual TClass* IsA() const virtual Bool_t IsMapSubwindows() const virtual void Layout() virtual void MapSubwindows() virtual Int_t NumItems() const virtual Int_t NumSelected() const virtual void OnMouseOver(TGFrame*) virtual void RemoveAll() virtual void RemoveItem(TGFrame* item) virtual void ReturnPressed(TGFrame*) virtual void SelectAll() virtual void SetPageDimension(const TGDimension& dim) virtual void SetPageDimension(UInt_t w, UInt_t h) virtual void SetPagePosition(const TGPosition& pos) virtual void SetPagePosition(Int_t x, Int_t y) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void SpacePressed(TGFrame*) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b) virtual void UnSelectAll()

Data Members

TGViewPort* fViewPort container viewport TGCanvas* fCanvas pointer to canvas const TGWindow* fMsgWindow window handling container messages TGFrameElement* fLastActiveEl last active item Int_t fXp Int_t fYp previous pointer position Int_t fX0 Int_t fY0 corner of rubber band box Int_t fXf Int_t fYf other corner of rubber band box Bool_t fDragging true if in dragging mode Int_t fTotal total items Int_t fSelected number of selected items TTimer* fScrollTimer autoscroll timer Bool_t fMapSubwindows kTRUE - map subwindows Bool_t fOnMouseOver kTRUE when mouse pointer is over entry TGSearchType* fSearch structure used by search dialog Bool_t fLastDir direction of last search Bool_t fLastCase case-sensetivity of last search TString fLastName the name of object of last search TTimer* fKeyTimer keyboard timer TString fKeyInput keyboard input (buffer) Bool_t fKeyTimerActive kTRUE - keyboard timer is active Bool_t fScrolling kTRUE - when scrolling is ON static TGGC fgLineGC

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Class Description

 TGCanvas and TGViewPort and TGContainer                              
 A TGCanvas is a frame containing two scrollbars (a horizontal and    
 a vertical) and a viewport. The viewport acts as the window through  
 which we look at the contents of the container frame.                
 A TGContainer frame manages a content area. It can display and       
 control a hierarchy of multi-column items, and provides the ability  
 to add new items at any time. By default it doesn't map subwindows   
 which are itmes of the container. In this case subwindow must        
 provide DrawCopy method, see for example TGLVEntry class.            
 It is also possible to use option which allow to map subwindows.     
 This option has much slower drawing speed in case of more than 1000  
 items placed in container. To activate this option the fMapSubwindows
 data member must be set to kTRUE (for example TTVLVContainer class)  
   The TGContainer class can handle the keys:                         
    o  F7, Ctnrl-F - activate search dialog                           
    o  F3, Ctnrl-G - continue search                                  
    o  End - go to the last item in container                         
    o  Home - go to the first item in container                       
    o  PageUp,PageDown,arrow keys - navigate inside container         
    o  Return/Enter - equivalent to double click of the mouse button  
    o  Contrl-A - select/activate all items.                          
    o  Space - invert selection.                                      

TGContainer(const TGWindow *p, UInt_t w, UInt_t h, UInt_t options, ULong_t back) : TGCompositeFrame(p, w, h, options, back)
 Create a canvas container. This is the (large) frame that contains
 all the list items. It will be shown through a TGViewPort (which is
 created by the TGCanvas).

 Delete canvas container.

void Layout()
 layout container entries

void CurrentChanged(Int_t x,Int_t y)
 Emit signal when current position changed.

void CurrentChanged(TGFrame* f)
 Emit signal when current selected frame changed.

void ReturnPressed(TGFrame* f)
 Signal emitted when Return/Enter key pressed

 It's equivalent to "double click" of mouse button

void SpacePressed(TGFrame* f)
 Signal emitted when space key pressed.

 Pressing space key inverts selection.

void OnMouseOver(TGFrame* f)
 Signal emitted when pointer is over entry.

void Clicked(TGFrame *entry, Int_t btn)
 Emit Clicked() signal.

void Clicked(TGFrame *entry, Int_t btn, Int_t x, Int_t y)
 Emit Clicked() signal.

void DoubleClicked(TGFrame *entry, Int_t btn)
 Emit DoubleClicked() signal.

void DoubleClicked(TGFrame *entry, Int_t btn, Int_t x, Int_t y)
 Emit DoubleClicked() signal.

void SelectAll()
 Select all items in the container.
 SelectAll signal emitted

void UnSelectAll()
  Unselect all items in the container.

void InvertSelection()
 Invert the selection, all selected items become unselected and
 vice versa.

void RemoveAll()
 Remove all items from the container.

void RemoveItem(TGFrame *item)
 Remove item from container.

const TGFrame* GetNextSelected(void **current)
 Return next selected item.

void ActivateItem(TGFrameElement* el)
 Activate item.

TGPosition GetPagePosition() const
 Returns page position.

TGDimension GetPageDimension() const
 Returns page dimension.

void SetPagePosition(const TGPosition& pos)
 Set page position.

void SetPagePosition(Int_t x, Int_t y)
 Set page position.

void SetPageDimension(const TGDimension& dim)
 Set page dimension.

void SetPageDimension(UInt_t w, UInt_t h)
 Set page dimension.

void MapSubwindows()
 Map subwindows.

void DoRedraw()
 Redraw content of container in the viewport region.

void DrawRegion(Int_t x, Int_t y, UInt_t w, UInt_t h)
 Draw a region of container in viewport.

void ClearViewPort()
 Clear view port.

Bool_t HandleExpose(Event_t *event)
 Handle expose events. Do not use double buffer.

Bool_t HandleButton(Event_t *event)
 Handle mouse button event in container.

Bool_t HandleDoubleClick(Event_t *event)
 Handle double click mouse event.

Bool_t HandleMotion(Event_t *event)
 Handle mouse motion events.

Bool_t HandleKey(Event_t *event)
 The key press event handler converts a key press to some line editor

void Search()
 invokes search dialog. Looks for item with the entered name

void OnAutoScroll()
 Autoscroll while close to & beyond  The Wall

void SearchPattern()
 search for entry which name begins with pattern

void RepeatSearch()
 repeats search

TGFrameElement* FindFrame(Int_t x,Int_t y,Bool_t exclude)
 find frame located int container at position x,y

TGFrameElement* FindFrame(const TString& name, Bool_t direction, Bool_t caseSensitive,Bool_t beginWith)

void AdjustPosition()
 Move content to position of highlighted/activated frame

void LineLeft(Bool_t select)
 Move current position one column left.

void LineRight(Bool_t select)
 Move current position one column right.

void LineUp(Bool_t select)
 Make current position first line in window by scrolling up.

void LineDown(Bool_t select)
 Move one line down.

void PageUp(Bool_t select)
 Move  position one page up.

void PageDown(Bool_t select)
 Move position one page down.

void Home(Bool_t select)
 Move to upper-left corner of container.

void End(Bool_t select)
 Move to the bottom-right corner of container.

Inline Functions

                   void Associate(const TGWindow* w)
        const TGWindow* GetMessageWindow() const
                 Bool_t IsMapSubwindows() const
                  Int_t NumSelected() const
                  Int_t NumItems() const
               TGFrame* GetLastActive() const
                TClass* Class()
                TClass* IsA() const
                   void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                   void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
                   void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
            TGContainer TGContainer(const TGContainer&)

Author: Fons Rademakers 11/01/98
Last update: root/gui:$Name: $:$Id: TGCanvas.cxx,v 1.9 2002/09/13 14:12:14 rdm Exp $
Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *

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