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class TVenus : public TGenerator

TVenus TVenus() TVenus TVenus(char* choice, Int_t numberOfEvents, Int_t zprojectile, Int_t aprojectile, Int_t ztarget, Int_t atarget, Double_t incidentMomentum, Bool_t labSys, Bool_t lastGeneration, Double_t impactParameterMin, Double_t impactParameterMax, Double_t phiMin, Double_t phiMax) TVenus TVenus(TVenus&) virtual void ~TVenus() static TClass* Class() virtual void GenerateEvent(Option_t* option) virtual Int_t ImportParticles(TClonesArray* particles, Option_t* option) virtual TObjArray* ImportParticles(Option_t* option) virtual TClass* IsA() const virtual void SetAntiQuarkColourExchange(Int_t iaqu = 1) virtual void SetAveragep_T(Float_t ptf = 0.45) virtual void SetBaryonRadius(Float_t radbar = 0.63) virtual void SetBergerJaffeTheta(Float_t themas = 0.51225) virtual void SetBreakingProcedureOption(Int_t iopbrk = 1) virtual void SetCascadeStable(Bool_t stable) virtual void SetCentralPointInEvolution(Int_t iwcent = 0) virtual void SetClean(Int_t nclean = 0) virtual void SetCMToLabTransformation(Int_t labsys = 1) virtual void SetCollisionTrigger(Int_t ko1ko2 = 9999) virtual void SetCutOffForKmaxor(Int_t kutdiq = 4) virtual void SetDecayTime(Float_t taunll = 1.0) virtual void SetDensityDistributionRange(Float_t fctrmx = 10.0) virtual void SetDiffractiveValenceQuarkFrac(Float_t pvalen = 0.30) virtual void SetDualPartonModel(Int_t idpm = 0) virtual void SetEntropyCalculated(Int_t ientro = 2) virtual void SetEntropyOption(Int_t iopent = 5, Float_t uentro = 4., Int_t kentro = 10000) virtual void SetEventPrint(Int_t ishevt = 0) virtual void SetGaussDistributionRange(Float_t gaumx = 8.0) virtual void SetGribovReggeCrossSecWeight(Float_t gricel = 1.5) virtual void SetGribovReggeDelta(Float_t gridel = 0.07) virtual void SetGribovReggeGamma(Float_t grigam = 3.64*0.04) virtual void SetGribovReggeRSquared(Float_t grirsq = 3.56*0.04) virtual void SetGribovReggeSlope(Float_t grislo = 0.25*0.04) virtual void SetHardCoreDistance(Float_t core = 0.8) virtual void SetHeavyFlavoursSpinProb(Float_t pspinh = 0.75) virtual void SetInelasticProtonProtonCrossSec(Float_t sigppi = -1.0) virtual void SetInitialRandomSeed(Double_t seedi = 0.0) virtual void SetInteractionMass(Float_t amsiac = 0.8) virtual void SetIsoSpinProb(Float_t pispn = 0.50) virtual void SetJ_PsiEvolutionTime(Float_t taumx = 20.0) virtual void SetJ_PsiEvolutionTimeSteps(Int_t nsttau = 100) virtual void SetJ_PsiNucleonCrossSec(Float_t sigj = 0.2) virtual void SetJFRADESuppression(Int_t ifrade = 1) virtual void SetJIntaOption(Int_t iojint = 2) virtual void SetKShortKLongStable(Bool_t stable) virtual void SetLambdaStable(Bool_t stable) virtual void SetLightFlavoursSpinProb(Float_t pspinl = 0.50) virtual void SetMaxImpact(Float_t bmaxim = 10000.) virtual void SetMaxNumberOfCollisions(Int_t ncolmx = 10000) virtual void SetMaxNumberOfValenceQuarks(Int_t neqmx = 5) virtual void SetMaxResonanceSpin(Int_t maxres = 99999) virtual void SetMeanTransverseQuarkMomentum(Float_t ptq1 = 0.260, Float_t ptq2 = 0.0, Float_t ptq3 = 0.0) virtual void SetMesonRadius(Float_t radmes = 0.40) virtual void SetMinImpact(Float_t bminim = 0.) virtual void SetMinimumEnergyOption(Int_t iopenu = 1) virtual void SetMinNumberOfValenceQuarks(Int_t neqmn = -5) virtual void SetMinTimeInEvolution(Float_t wtmini = -3.0) virtual void SetMomentumRescaling(Int_t irescl = 1) virtual void SetMuonAngle(Float_t angmue = 3.9645/360.0*2*3.14159) virtual void SetMuonEnergy(Float_t elepto = 26.24) virtual void SetNueEnergy(Float_t elepti = 43.00) virtual void SetOmegaStable(Bool_t stable) virtual void SetOscillatorQuantum(Float_t omega = .500) virtual void Setp_T_Distribution(Int_t ioptf = 1) virtual void Setp_TDistributionRange(Float_t ptmx = 6.0) virtual void SetPhaseSpace(Float_t delmss = 0.300) virtual void SetPiZeroStable(Bool_t stable) virtual void SetPrintMarks(Int_t ipagi = 0) virtual void SetPrintOption(Int_t ish = 0) virtual void SetPrintOptionAmprif(Float_t amprif = 0.0) virtual void SetPrintOptionDeleps(Float_t deleps = 1.0) virtual void SetPrintOptionDelvol(Float_t delvol = 1.0) virtual void SetPrintSubOption(Int_t ishsub = 0) virtual void SetProjectileDiffractiveProb(Float_t wproj = 0.32) virtual void SetQQ_QQbarProbability(Float_t pdiqua = 0.08) virtual void SetQuarkp_TDistributionOption(Int_t ioptq = 2) virtual void SetRapidityUpperLimit(Float_t ymximi = 2.0) virtual void SetReactionTime(Float_t taurea = 1.5) virtual void SetResonanceStable(Bool_t stable = kFALSE) virtual void SetRhoPhiRatio(Float_t rhophi = 0.5) virtual void SetSeaProbability(Float_t prosea = -1.0) virtual void SetSeaRatio(Float_t rstras = 0.0) virtual void SetSemihardCutOff(Float_t pth = 1.0) virtual void SetSemihardInteractionProb(Float_t phard = -1.0) virtual void SetSigmaStable(Bool_t stable) virtual void SetsMass(Float_t smas = 0.0) virtual void SetSpaceTimeEvolution(Int_t ispall = 1) virtual void SetSpaceTimeEvolutionMinTau(Float_t taumin = 1.) virtual void SetssMass(Float_t ssmas = 0.0) virtual void SetStorage(Int_t istore) virtual void SetStoreOnlyStable(Int_t istmax = 0) virtual void SetStringDecayParameter(Float_t parea = 0.20) virtual void SetStringTension(Float_t tensn = 1.0) virtual void SetStructureFunctionCutOffMass(Float_t cutmss = 0.001) virtual void SetStructureFunctionSeaValence(Float_t cutmsq = 2.0) virtual void SetTargetDiffractiveProb(Float_t wtarg = 0.32) virtual void SetTauSteps(Int_t numtau = 86) virtual void SetThresholdResonanceToString(Float_t delrem = 1.0) virtual void SetTimeStepInEvolution(Float_t wtstep = 1.0) virtual void SetTryAgain(Int_t ntrymx = 10) virtual void SetU_D_QuarkProductionProb(Float_t pud = 0.455) virtual void SetusMass(Float_t usmas = 0.0) virtual void SetuuMass(Float_t uumas = 0.0) virtual void SetVersionNumber(Int_t iversn = 521) virtual void Show() virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

Bool_t fAllStable Int_t fAProjectile Double_t fAveragePt Int_t fATarget Double_t fBaryonRadius Int_t fBreaking Bool_t fCascadeStable Int_t fCentralPoint TString fChoice Int_t fClean Int_t fCollisionTrigger Int_t fColourExchange Double_t fCore Int_t fCutKmaxor Double_t fCutMass Double_t fCutSemi Double_t fDecayTime Double_t fDensityRange Int_t fDualParton Int_t fEntropy1 Double_t fEntropy2 Int_t fEntropy3 Int_t fEntropyCalc Double_t fGaussianRange Double_t fGribovCross Double_t fGribovDelta Double_t fGribovGamma Double_t fGribovR2 Double_t fGribovSlope Double_t fImpactParameterMin Double_t fImpactParameterMax Double_t fInitialSeed Double_t fInteractionMass Double_t fInterval Int_t fIstore Int_t fJfradeSup Int_t fJintalOpt Double_t fJ_PsiEvolution Int_t fJ_PsiSteps Bool_t fKStable Bool_t fLabSys Bool_t fLambdaStable Bool_t fLastGeneration Double_t fMassTheta Int_t fMaxCollisions Int_t fMaxSpin Int_t fMaxValence Double_t fMeanQMomentum1 Double_t fMeanQMomentum2 Double_t fMeanQMomentum3 Double_t fMesonRadius Int_t fMinEnergy Double_t fMinTime Int_t fMinValence Double_t fMuonAngle Double_t fMuonEnergy Double_t fNueEnergy Int_t fNumberOfEvents Double_t fIncidentMomentum Bool_t fOmegaStable Double_t fOsciQuantum Double_t fPIsospin Bool_t fPiZeroStable Double_t fPhaseSpace Double_t fPhiMin Double_t fPhiMax Double_t fPDiQuark Double_t fPPInelastic Int_t fPrintEvent Int_t fPrintMarks Int_t fPrintOption Int_t fPrintOption1 Int_t fPrintOption2 Int_t fPrintOption3 Int_t fPrintSubOption Double_t fProjDiffProb Double_t fPSpinLight Double_t fPSpinHeavy Int_t fPTDistribution Double_t fPtRange Double_t fPud Int_t fQuarkPt Double_t fReacTime Int_t fRescale Double_t fResThreshold Int_t fRetries Double_t fRhoPhi Double_t fSeaProbability Double_t fSeaRatio Double_t fSeaValenceCut Double_t fSemihard Double_t fSigmaJ_Psi Bool_t fSigmaStable Int_t fSpaceTime Double_t fSpaceTimeStep Double_t fssQuarkMass Double_t fSQuarkMass Double_t fStringDecay Double_t fStringTension Double_t fTargDiffProb Double_t fTauMin Double_t fTauMax Int_t fTauSteps Bool_t fUpdate Double_t fuuQuarkMass Double_t fusQuarkMass Double_t fValenceFrac Int_t fVersion Int_t fZProjectile Int_t fZTarget

Class Description

 TVenus is an interface class between the event generator VENUS and       
 the ROOT system. The current implementation is based on VENUS 5.21       
 Authors of VENUS:                                                        
           Klaus WERNER                                                   
           Eugen FURLER (upgrade 5.04)                                    
           Michael HLADIK (upgrades 5.05, 5.13, 5.15, 5.17)               
  Laboratoire Subatech, Universite de Nantes - IN2P3/CNRS - EMN           
  4 rue Alfred Kastler, 44070 Nantes Cedex 03, France                     
  Email: <last name>                                      
  VENUS is a Monte Carlo procedure to simulate hadronic interactions at   
  ultrarelativistic energies (hadron-hadron, hadron-nucleus, nucleus-     
  nucleus scattering).                                                    
  VENUS is based on Gribov-Regge theory (of multiple Pomeron exchange)    
  and classical relativistic string dynamics. A detailed description can  //  
  be found in a review article, published in Physics Reports 232 (1993)   
  pp. 87-299.                                                             

  Event generator Venus default constructor

TVenus(char *choice , Int_t /*numberOfEvents*/, Int_t zprojectile , Int_t aprojectile, Int_t ztarget , Int_t atarget, Double_t incidentMomentum, Bool_t labSys , Bool_t lastGeneration, Double_t impactParameterMin, Double_t impactParameterMax, Double_t phiMin , Double_t phiMax) :TGenerator("Venus","Venus")
  Event generator Venus normal constructor

  Event generator VENUS default destructor

void GenerateEvent(Option_t *option)
  Generate next event

TObjArray* ImportParticles(Option_t *option)
  Overloaded primary creation method. The event generator does
  not use the HEPEVT common block, and has not the PDG numbering scheme.

Int_t ImportParticles(TClonesArray *particles, Option_t *option)
  Default primary creation method. It reads the /HEPEVT/ common block which
  has been filled by the GenerateEvent method. If the event generator does
  not use the HEPEVT common block, This routine has to be overloaded by
  the subclasses.
  The function loops on the generated particles and store them in
  the TClonesArray pointed by the argument particles.
  The default action is to store only the stable particles (ISTHEP = 1)
  This can be demanded explicitly by setting the option = "Final"
  If the option = "All", all the particles are stored.

void SetVersionNumber(Int_t iversn)
  Set VENUS version number, the default is version 5.21

void SetU_D_QuarkProductionProb(Float_t pud)
  Set VENUS ud quark production probability

void SetQQ_QQbarProbability(Float_t pdiqua)
  Set VENUS qq - qqbar probability

void SetLightFlavoursSpinProb(Float_t pspinl)
  Set VENUS light flavour spin probability

void SetHeavyFlavoursSpinProb(Float_t pspinh)
  Set VENUS heavy flavour spin probability

void SetIsoSpinProb(Float_t pispn)
  Set VENUS isospin probability

void Setp_T_Distribution(Int_t ioptf)
  Set VENUS transverse momentum distribution
  ioptf = 1 -> exponential
  ioptf = 2 -> gaussian

void SetAveragep_T(Float_t ptf)
  Set VENUS average transverse momentum

void SetStringTension(Float_t tensn)
  Set VENUS string tension

void SetStringDecayParameter(Float_t parea)
  Set VENUS string decay parameter

void SetThresholdResonanceToString(Float_t delrem)
  Set VENUS threshold for resonance to string

void SetCutOffForKmaxor(Int_t kutdiq)
  Set VENUS cut off for Kmaror

void SetBreakingProcedureOption(Int_t iopbrk)
  Set VENUS breaking procedure option
  iopbrk = 1 -> amor
  iopbrk = 2 -> samba

void SetQuarkp_TDistributionOption(Int_t ioptq)
  Set VENUS quark p_T distribution option
  ioptq = 1 -> exponential
  ioptq = 2 -> gaussian
  ioptq = 3 -> power

void SetMeanTransverseQuarkMomentum(Float_t ptq1, Float_t ptq2, Float_t ptq3)
  Set VENUS mean quark transverse momentum
  with the energy dependence of mean transverse momentum of quarks:
  with e=sqrt(s)

void SetSemihardInteractionProb(Float_t phard)
  Set VENUS semihard interaction probability (not used if negative)

void SetSemihardCutOff(Float_t pth)
  Set VENUS cutoff parameter for p_t distr for semihard interactions

void SetSeaRatio(Float_t rstras)
  Set VENUS ratio of strang sea quark contents over up sea contents

void SetProjectileDiffractiveProb(Float_t wproj)
  Set VENUS projectile diffractive probability

void SetTargetDiffractiveProb(Float_t wtarg)
  Set VENUS target diffractive probability

void SetStructureFunctionSeaValence(Float_t cutmsq)
  Set VENUS effective cutoff mass in structure fcts for sea-valence ratio

void SetStructureFunctionCutOffMass(Float_t cutmss)
  Set VENUS effective cutoff mass in structure fcts for sea-valence ratio

void SetDiffractiveValenceQuarkFrac(Float_t pvalen)
  Set VENUS valence quark fraction in case of diffractive interaction

void SetPhaseSpace(Float_t delmss)
  Set VENUS phase space parameter

void SetGribovReggeGamma(Float_t grigam)
  Set VENUS gribov-regge-theory gamma

void SetGribovReggeRSquared(Float_t grirsq)
  Set VENUS gribov-regge-theory r^2

void SetGribovReggeDelta(Float_t gridel)
  Set VENUS gribov-regge-theory delta

void SetGribovReggeSlope(Float_t grislo)
  Set VENUS gribov-regge-theory slope

void SetGribovReggeCrossSecWeight(Float_t gricel)
  Set VENUS gribov-regge-theory cross section weight

void SetHardCoreDistance(Float_t core)
  Set VENUS hard core distance

void SetJ_PsiNucleonCrossSec(Float_t sigj)
  Set VENUS J/Psi nucleon cross section

void SetReactionTime(Float_t taurea)
  Set VENUS reaction time

void SetBaryonRadius(Float_t radbar)
  Set VENUS baryon radius

void SetMesonRadius(Float_t radmes)
  Set VENUS meson radius

void SetInteractionMass(Float_t amsiac)
  Set VENUS interaction mass

void SetJIntaOption(Int_t iojint)
  Set VENUS option to call jinta1 (1) or jinta2 (2)

void SetPrintOptionAmprif(Float_t amprif)
  Set VENUS print option

void SetPrintOptionDelvol(Float_t delvol)
  Set VENUS print option

void SetPrintOptionDeleps(Float_t deleps)
  Set VENUS print option

void SetEntropyOption(Int_t iopent, Float_t uentro, Int_t kentro)
  Set VENUS options for entropy calculation
  option for entropy calculation
  iopent = 0 -> zero entropy
  iopent = 1 -> oscillator model (0 for k.le.uentro)
  iopent = 2 -> fermi gas w const volume (0 for k.le.uentro)
  iopent = 3 -> fermi gas w const density (0 for k.le.uentro)
  iopent = 4 -> fermi gas w const vol - new (0 for k.le.uentro)
  iopent = 5 -> resonance gas (hagedorn) (0 for u.le.uentro)

void SetDecayTime(Float_t taunll)
  Set VENUS decay time of comoving frame

void SetOscillatorQuantum(Float_t omega)
  Set VENUS oscillator quantum

void SetSpaceTimeEvolutionMinTau(Float_t taumin)
  Set VENUS minimum tau for space-time evolution

void SetTauSteps(Int_t numtau)
  Set VENUS number of tau steps

void Setp_TDistributionRange(Float_t ptmx)
  Set VENUS transverse momentum distribution range

void SetGaussDistributionRange(Float_t gaumx)
  Set VENUS gaussian distribution range

void SetDensityDistributionRange(Float_t fctrmx)
  Set VENUS density distribution range

void SetTryAgain(Int_t ntrymx)
  Set VENUS number of retries

void SetJ_PsiEvolutionTime(Float_t taumx)
  Set VENUS J/Psi evolution time

void SetJ_PsiEvolutionTimeSteps(Int_t nsttau)
  Set VENUS J/Psi evolution time steps

void SetMinimumEnergyOption(Int_t iopenu)
  Set VENUS minimum energy option
  iopent = 1 -> sum of hadron masses
  iopent = 2 -> bag model curve with minimum at nonzero strangen

void SetBergerJaffeTheta(Float_t themas)
  Set VENUS parameter theta in berger/jaffe mass formula

void SetSeaProbability(Float_t prosea)
  Set VENUS sea prob (if < 0 then calculated from structure fncts)

void SetInelasticProtonProtonCrossSec(Float_t sigppi)
  Set VENUS inelastic pp cross section [fm**2]
  if negative: calculated from gribov-regge-theory

void SetEntropyCalculated(Int_t ientro)
  Set VENUS entro() calculated (1) or from data (2)

void SetDualPartonModel(Int_t idpm)
  Set VENUS dual parton model (1) or not (else)

void SetAntiQuarkColourExchange(Int_t iaqu)
  Set VENUS antiquark color exchange (1) or not (0)

void SetMinNumberOfValenceQuarks(Int_t neqmn)
  Set VENUS minimum number of valence quarks

void SetMaxNumberOfValenceQuarks(Int_t neqmx)
  Set VENUS maximum number of valence quarks

void SetRapidityUpperLimit(Float_t ymximi)
  Set VENUS upper limit for rapidity interval for intermittency analysis

void SetClean(Int_t nclean)
  Set VENUS clean /cptl/ if nclean > 0 (every nclean_th time step)

void SetCMToLabTransformation(Int_t labsys)
  Set VENUS trafo from pp-cm into lab-system (1) or not (else)

void SetMaxNumberOfCollisions(Int_t ncolmx)
  Set VENUS maximum number of collisions

void SetMaxResonanceSpin(Int_t maxres)
  Set VENUS maximum resonance spin

void SetMomentumRescaling(Int_t irescl)
  Set VENUS momentum rescaling (1) or not (else)

void SetNueEnergy(Float_t elepti)
  Set VENUS nue energy

void SetMuonEnergy(Float_t elepto)
  Set VENUS muon energy

void SetMuonAngle(Float_t angmue)
  Set VENUS muon angle

void SetCollisionTrigger(Int_t ko1ko2)
  Set VENUS collision trigger (only coll between ko1 and ko2 are used)

void SetPrintOption(Int_t ish)
  Set VENUS print option
    ish=0      option for printout
        14 -> call uttima
        16 -> prints sea prob.
        18 -> sr jclude, no-phase-space droplets
        19 -> sr ainitl, call smassp
        21 -> creates histogram for sea distribution
        22 -> sr jfrade, msg after call utclea
        23 -> call jintfp
        24 -> call jintcl
        25 -> call jchprt
        26 -> call qgcpen (plot of energy and flavor density)
        27 -> call qnbcor
        29 -> call qgcpfl (plot of dispersion)
        90,91,92,93,94,95 -> more and more detailed messages.

void SetPrintSubOption(Int_t ishsub)
  Set VENUS print sub option
      ishsub=0   option for printout
      ishsub=ijmn, ij specifies location where ish=mn.
             ij=01 -> sr jcludc
             ij=02 -> sr jetgen
             ij=03 -> sr jfrade, starting before fragmentation
             ij=04 -> sr jdecay
             ij=05 -> sr jdecax
             ij=06 -> sr nucoll
             ij=07 -> sr nucoge+-
             ij=08 -> sr aastor
             ij=09 -> sr jfrade, starting after fragmentation
             ij=10 -> sr jfrade, starting before decay
             ij=11 -> sr jfrade, starting after interactions
             ij=12 -> sr jcentr, entro() in data format
             ij=13 -> sr jcentp
             ij=14 -> sr jdecax if droplet decay
             ij=15 -> sr jsplit
             ij=16 -> sr jfrade
             ij=17 -> sr racpro
             ij=18 -> sr utclea
             ij=19 -> sr jinta1, jinta2, after call utclea
             ij=20 -> sr jdecas
             ij=21 -> sr jdecas (without jdecax)
             ij=22 -> sr utcley
             ij=50 -> sr qgcnbi

void SetEventPrint(Int_t ishevt)
  Set VENUS ishevt != 0: for evt# != ishevt ish is set to 0

void SetPrintMarks(Int_t ipagi)
  Set VENUS print marks between whom ish is set to ish(init)

void SetMaxImpact(Float_t bmaxim)
  Set VENUS maximum beam impact parameter

void SetMinImpact(Float_t bminim)
  Set VENUS minimum beam impact parameter

void SetStoreOnlyStable(Int_t istmax)
  Set VENUS store only stable ptl (0) or also parents (1)

void SetInitialRandomSeed(Double_t seedi)
  Set VENUS initial random number seed

void SetJFRADESuppression(Int_t ifrade)
  Set VENUS suppression of calling jfrade (0). jfrade=fragm+decay+rescatt

void SetResonanceStable(Bool_t stable)
  Set VENUS all resonance decays suppressed

void SetKShortKLongStable(Bool_t stable)
  Set VENUS k_short/long (+-20) decays suppressed

void SetLambdaStable(Bool_t stable)
  Set VENUS lambda (+-2130) decays suppressed

void SetSigmaStable(Bool_t stable)
  Set VENUS sigma (+-1130,+-2230) decays suppressed

void SetCascadeStable(Bool_t stable)
  Set VENUS cascade (+-2330,+-1330) decays suppressed

void SetOmegaStable(Bool_t stable)
  Set VENUS omega (+-3331) decays suppressed

void SetPiZeroStable(Bool_t stable)
  Set VENUS pi0 (110) decays suppressed

void SetRhoPhiRatio(Float_t rhophi)
  Set VENUS rho/rho+phi ratio

void SetSpaceTimeEvolution(Int_t ispall)
  Set VENUS wspa: all ptls (1) or only interacting ptls (else)

void SetMinTimeInEvolution(Float_t wtmini)
  Set VENUS tmin in wspa

void SetTimeStepInEvolution(Float_t wtstep)
  Set VENUS t-step in wspa

void SetCentralPointInEvolution(Int_t iwcent)
  Set VENUS only central point (1) or longitudinal distr (else) in wspa

void SetsMass(Float_t smas)
  Set VENUS s quark mass

void SetuuMass(Float_t uumas)
  Set VENUS uu diquark mass

void SetusMass(Float_t usmas)
  Set VENUS us diquark mass

void SetssMass(Float_t ssmas)
  Set VENUS ss diquark mass

void SetStorage(Int_t istore)
  Set VENUS internal storage parameter

void Show()
  Shows the actual values of some common block variables as in
  the original VENUS command 'show'

Inline Functions

            TClass* Class()
            TClass* IsA() const
               void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
               void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
               void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
             TVenus TVenus(TVenus&)

Author: Ola Nordmann 21/09/95
Last update: root/venus:$Name: $:$Id: TVenus.cxx,v 2000/05/16 17:00:48 rdm Exp $
Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *

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