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CPPExcInstance.cxx File Reference
#include "CPyCppyy.h"
#include "CPPExcInstance.h"
#include "PyStrings.h"
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namespace  CPyCppyy
 Set of helper functions that are invoked from the pythonizors, on the Python side.


static int CPyCppyy::ep_clear (CPPExcInstance *pyobj)
static void CPyCppyy::ep_dealloc (CPPExcInstance *pyobj)
static PyObjectCPyCppyy::ep_getattro (CPPExcInstance *self, PyObject *attr)
static PyObjectCPyCppyy::ep_new (PyTypeObject *subtype, PyObject *args, PyObject *kwds)
static int CPyCppyy::ep_nonzero (CPPExcInstance *self)
static PyObjectCPyCppyy::ep_repr (CPPExcInstance *self)
static PyObjectCPyCppyy::ep_richcompare (CPPExcInstance *self, PyObject *other, int op)
static int CPyCppyy::ep_setattro (CPPExcInstance *self, PyObject *attr, PyObject *value)
static PyObjectCPyCppyy::ep_str (CPPExcInstance *self)
static int CPyCppyy::ep_traverse (CPPExcInstance *pyobj, visitproc visit, void *args)


PyTypeObject CPyCppyy::CPPExcInstance_Type
static PyNumberMethods CPyCppyy::ep_as_number