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CustomPyTypes.h File Reference
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struct  CPyCppyy::indexiterobject
struct  CPyCppyy::typedefpointertoclassobject
struct  CPyCppyy::vectoriterobject


namespace  CPyCppyy
 Set of helper functions that are invoked from the pythonizors, on the Python side.


template<typename T >
bool CPyCppyy::CustomInstanceMethod_Check (T *object)
template<typename T >
bool CPyCppyy::CustomInstanceMethod_CheckExact (T *object)
PyObjectCPyCppyy::CustomInstanceMethod_New (PyObject *func, PyObject *self, PyObject *pyclass)
template<typename T >
bool CPyCppyy::RefFloat_Check (T *object)
template<typename T >
bool CPyCppyy::RefFloat_CheckExact (T *object)
template<typename T >
bool CPyCppyy::RefInt_Check (T *object)
template<typename T >
bool CPyCppyy::RefInt_CheckExact (T *object)
template<typename T >
bool CPyCppyy::TypedefPointerToClass_Check (T *object)
template<typename T >
bool CPyCppyy::TypedefPointerToClass_CheckExact (T *object)