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TProofMgr.h File Reference
#include "TList.h"
#include "TNamed.h"
#include "TUrl.h"
#include "TString.h"
#include "TSystem.h"
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class  TProofDesc
class  TProofMgr
 The PROOF manager interacts with the PROOF server coordinator to create or destroy a PROOF session, attach to or detach from existing one, and to monitor any client activity on the cluster. More...


typedef TProofMgr *(* TProofMgr_t) (const char *, Int_t, const char *)

Typedef Documentation

◆ TProofMgr_t

typedef TProofMgr *(* TProofMgr_t) (const char *, Int_t, const char *)

Definition at line 41 of file TProofMgr.h.