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NumericalDerivator Class Reference

Original version created on: Aug 14, 2013 Authors: L.

Moneta, J. T. Offermann Modified version created on: Sep 27, 2017 Author: E. G. P. Bos

NumericalDerivator was essentially a slightly modified copy of code written by M. Winkler, F. James, L. Moneta, and A. Zsenei for Minuit2, Copyright (c) 2005 LCG ROOT Math team, CERN/PH-SFT. Original version: https://github.com/lmoneta/root/blob/lvmini/math/mathcore/src/NumericalDerivator.cxx

This class attempts to more closely follow the Minuit2 implementation. Modified things (w.r.t. original) are indicated by MODIFIED.

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