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ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleDescriptor::RColumnDescriptorIterable::RIterator Class Reference

Definition at line 429 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

Public Types

using difference_type = std::ptrdiff_t
using iterator = RIterator
using iterator_category = std::forward_iterator_tag
using pointer = RColumnDescriptor *
using reference = const RColumnDescriptor &
using value_type = RFieldDescriptor

Public Member Functions

 RIterator (const RNTupleDescriptor &ntuple, const std::vector< DescriptorId_t > &columns, std::size_t index)
bool operator!= (const iterator &rh) const
reference operator* ()
iterator operator++ ()
bool operator== (const iterator &rh) const

Private Attributes

const std::vector< DescriptorId_t > & fColumns
 The enclosing range's descriptor id list. More...
std::size_t fIndex = 0
const RNTupleDescriptorfNTuple
 The enclosing range's NTuple. More...

#include <ROOT/RNTupleDescriptor.hxx>

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ difference_type

◆ iterator

◆ iterator_category

◆ pointer

◆ reference

◆ value_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RIterator()

ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleDescriptor::RColumnDescriptorIterable::RIterator::RIterator ( const RNTupleDescriptor ntuple,
const std::vector< DescriptorId_t > &  columns,
std::size_t  index 

Definition at line 444 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator!=()

◆ operator*()

reference ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleDescriptor::RColumnDescriptorIterable::RIterator::operator* ( )

Definition at line 447 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ operator++()

iterator ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleDescriptor::RColumnDescriptorIterable::RIterator::operator++ ( )

Definition at line 446 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ operator==()

bool ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleDescriptor::RColumnDescriptorIterable::RIterator::operator== ( const iterator rh) const

Definition at line 449 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fColumns

const std::vector<DescriptorId_t>& ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleDescriptor::RColumnDescriptorIterable::RIterator::fColumns

The enclosing range's descriptor id list.

Definition at line 434 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ fIndex

std::size_t ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleDescriptor::RColumnDescriptorIterable::RIterator::fIndex = 0

Definition at line 435 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ fNTuple

const RNTupleDescriptor& ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleDescriptor::RColumnDescriptorIterable::RIterator::fNTuple

The enclosing range's NTuple.

Definition at line 432 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

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