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ROOT::Experimental::TTreeReaderValueFast< bool > Class Referencefinal

Definition at line 243 of file TTreeReaderValueFast.hxx.

Public Member Functions

 TTreeReaderValueFast (TTreeReaderFast &tr, const std::string &branchname)
boolGet ()
booloperator* ()
booloperator-> ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::Internal::TTreeReaderValueFastBase
 TTreeReaderValueFastBase (const TTreeReaderValueFastBase &)=delete
 TTreeReaderValueFastBase (TTreeReaderFast *reader, const std::string &branchName)
 Construct a tree value reader and register it with the reader object.
Int_t GetEvents (Long64_t eventNum)
virtual ROOT::Internal::TTreeReaderValueBase::EReadStatus GetReadStatus () const
ROOT::Internal::TTreeReaderValueBase::ESetupStatus GetSetupStatus () const

Protected Member Functions

const char * BranchTypeName () override
boolDeserialize (char *input)
UInt_t GetSize () override
const char * GetTypeName () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::Internal::TTreeReaderValueFastBase
virtual ~TTreeReaderValueFastBase ()
 Unregister from tree reader, cleanup.
virtual Int_t Adjust (Int_t eventCount)
void CreateProxy ()
 Attach this value to the appropriate branch on the tree.
void MarkTreeReaderUnavailable ()

Protected Attributes

bool fTmp
- Protected Attributes inherited from ROOT::Experimental::Internal::TTreeReaderValueFastBase
TBranchfBranch {nullptr}
std::string fBranchName
TBufferFile fBuffer
Long64_t fEventBase {-1}
Long64_t fLastChainOffset {-1}
TLeaffLeaf {nullptr}
std::string fLeafName
ROOT::Internal::TTreeReaderValueBase::EReadStatus fReadStatus {ROOT::Internal::TTreeReaderValueBase::kReadNothingYet}
Int_t fRemaining {0}
ROOT::Internal::TTreeReaderValueBase::ESetupStatus fSetupStatus {ROOT::Internal::TTreeReaderValueBase::kSetupNotSetup}
TTreeReaderFastfTreeReader {nullptr}

#include <ROOT/TTreeReaderValueFast.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ROOT::Experimental::TTreeReaderValueFast< bool >:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TTreeReaderValueFast()

ROOT::Experimental::TTreeReaderValueFast< bool >::TTreeReaderValueFast ( TTreeReaderFast tr,
const std::string &  branchname 

Definition at line 247 of file TTreeReaderValueFast.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BranchTypeName()

const char * ROOT::Experimental::TTreeReaderValueFast< bool >::BranchTypeName ( )

◆ Deserialize()

bool * ROOT::Experimental::TTreeReaderValueFast< bool >::Deserialize ( char *  input)

Definition at line 260 of file TTreeReaderValueFast.hxx.

◆ Get()

Definition at line 250 of file TTreeReaderValueFast.hxx.

◆ GetSize()

UInt_t ROOT::Experimental::TTreeReaderValueFast< bool >::GetSize ( )

◆ GetTypeName()

const char * ROOT::Experimental::TTreeReaderValueFast< bool >::GetTypeName ( )

◆ operator*()

Definition at line 254 of file TTreeReaderValueFast.hxx.

◆ operator->()

bool * ROOT::Experimental::TTreeReaderValueFast< bool >::operator-> ( )

Definition at line 253 of file TTreeReaderValueFast.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fTmp

Definition at line 262 of file TTreeReaderValueFast.hxx.

  • tree/treeplayer/inc/ROOT/TTreeReaderValueFast.hxx