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ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions Class Referenceabstract

Base class for Numerical integration options common in 1D and multi-dimension This is an internal class and is not supposed to be instantiated by the user.

Definition at line 45 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

Public Member Functions

 BaseIntegratorOptions (const BaseIntegratorOptions &opt)
virtual ~BaseIntegratorOptions ()
 protected constructor to avoid user creating this class More...
double AbsTolerance () const
 non-static methods for retrivieng options More...
IOptionsExtraOptions () const
 return extra options More...
virtual std::string Integrator () const =0
 name of 1D integrator More...
BaseIntegratorOptionsoperator= (const BaseIntegratorOptions &opt)
 assignment operators More...
double RelTolerance () const
 absolute tolerance More...
void SetAbsTolerance (double tol)
 non-static methods for setting options More...
void SetExtraOptions (const IOptions &opt)
 set extra options (in this case pointer is cloned) More...
void SetRelTolerance (double tol)
 set the relative tolerance More...
void SetWKSize (unsigned int size)
 set workspace size More...
unsigned int WKSize () const
 size of the workspace More...

Protected Member Functions

 BaseIntegratorOptions ()
 protected constructor to avoid user creating this class More...
void ClearExtra ()

Protected Attributes

double fAbsTolerance
int fIntegType
unsigned int fNCalls
double fRelTolerance
unsigned int fWKSize

#include <Math/IntegratorOptions.h>

Inheritance diagram for ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BaseIntegratorOptions() [1/2]

ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::BaseIntegratorOptions ( )

protected constructor to avoid user creating this class

constructor (protected) to avoid user creating this class

Definition at line 135 of file IntegratorOptions.cxx.

◆ BaseIntegratorOptions() [2/2]

ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::BaseIntegratorOptions ( const BaseIntegratorOptions opt)

Definition at line 142 of file IntegratorOptions.cxx.

◆ ~BaseIntegratorOptions()

virtual ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::~BaseIntegratorOptions ( )

protected constructor to avoid user creating this class

Definition at line 62 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AbsTolerance()

double ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::AbsTolerance ( ) const

non-static methods for retrivieng options

absolute tolerance

Definition at line 71 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ ClearExtra()

void ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::ClearExtra ( )

Definition at line 171 of file IntegratorOptions.cxx.

◆ ExtraOptions()

IOptions* ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::ExtraOptions ( ) const

return extra options

Definition at line 81 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ Integrator()

virtual std::string ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::Integrator ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ operator=()

BaseIntegratorOptions & ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::operator= ( const BaseIntegratorOptions opt)

assignment operators

Definition at line 147 of file IntegratorOptions.cxx.

◆ RelTolerance()

double ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::RelTolerance ( ) const

absolute tolerance

Definition at line 74 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ SetAbsTolerance()

void ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::SetAbsTolerance ( double  tol)

non-static methods for setting options

set the abs tolerance

Definition at line 87 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ SetExtraOptions()

void ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::SetExtraOptions ( const IOptions opt)

set extra options (in this case pointer is cloned)

Definition at line 177 of file IntegratorOptions.cxx.

◆ SetRelTolerance()

void ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::SetRelTolerance ( double  tol)

set the relative tolerance

Definition at line 90 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ SetWKSize()

void ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::SetWKSize ( unsigned int  size)

set workspace size

Definition at line 93 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ WKSize()

unsigned int ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::WKSize ( ) const

size of the workspace

Definition at line 77 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAbsTolerance

double ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::fAbsTolerance

Definition at line 107 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ fExtraOptions

ROOT::Math::IOptions* ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::fExtraOptions

Definition at line 112 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ fIntegType

int ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::fIntegType

Definition at line 103 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ fNCalls

unsigned int ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::fNCalls

Definition at line 106 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ fRelTolerance

double ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::fRelTolerance

Definition at line 108 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

◆ fWKSize

unsigned int ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::fWKSize

Definition at line 105 of file IntegratorOptions.h.

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