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TF1_EvalWrapper Class Reference

Definition at line 188 of file TF1.cxx.

Public Member Functions

 TF1_EvalWrapper (TF1 *f, const Double_t *par, bool useAbsVal, Double_t n=1, Double_t x0=0)
ROOT::Math::IGenFunctionClone () const override
 Clone a function.
Double_t DoEval (Double_t x) const override
 implementation of the evaluation function. Must be implemented by derived classes
Double_t EvalFirstMom (Double_t x)
Double_t EvalNMom (Double_t x) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Math::IBaseFunctionOneDim
virtual ~IBaseFunctionOneDim ()=default
virtual bool HasGradient () const
double operator() (const double *x) const
 Evaluate the function at a point x[].
double operator() (double x) const
 Evaluate the function at a point x.

Public Attributes

Bool_t fAbsVal
Double_t fN
const doublefPar
Double_t fX [1]
Double_t fX0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ROOT::Math::IBaseFunctionOneDim
typedef IBaseFunctionOneDim BaseFunc
Inheritance diagram for TF1_EvalWrapper:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TF1_EvalWrapper()

TF1_EvalWrapper::TF1_EvalWrapper ( TF1 f,
const Double_t par,
bool  useAbsVal,
Double_t  n = 1,
Double_t  x0 = 0 

Definition at line 190 of file TF1.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

ROOT::Math::IGenFunction * TF1_EvalWrapper::Clone ( ) const

Clone a function.

Each derived class will implement their version of the private DoClone method.

Implements ROOT::Math::IBaseFunctionOneDim.

Definition at line 201 of file TF1.cxx.

◆ DoEval()

Double_t TF1_EvalWrapper::DoEval ( Double_t  x) const

implementation of the evaluation function. Must be implemented by derived classes

Implements ROOT::Math::IBaseFunctionOneDim.

Definition at line 209 of file TF1.cxx.

◆ EvalFirstMom()

Double_t TF1_EvalWrapper::EvalFirstMom ( Double_t  x)

Definition at line 218 of file TF1.cxx.

◆ EvalNMom()

Double_t TF1_EvalWrapper::EvalNMom ( Double_t  x) const

Definition at line 224 of file TF1.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAbsVal

Bool_t TF1_EvalWrapper::fAbsVal

Definition at line 233 of file TF1.cxx.

◆ fFunc

TF1* TF1_EvalWrapper::fFunc

Definition at line 230 of file TF1.cxx.

◆ fN

Double_t TF1_EvalWrapper::fN

Definition at line 234 of file TF1.cxx.

◆ fPar

const double* TF1_EvalWrapper::fPar

Definition at line 232 of file TF1.cxx.

◆ fX

Double_t TF1_EvalWrapper::fX[1]

Definition at line 231 of file TF1.cxx.

◆ fX0

Double_t TF1_EvalWrapper::fX0

Definition at line 235 of file TF1.cxx.

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