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TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting Class Reference

Definition at line 101 of file Config.h.

Public Types

enum  { kPNG = 0 , kGIF = 1 , kPDF = 2 , kEPS = 3 }

Public Attributes

Int_t fMaxNumOfAllowedVariables
Int_t fMaxNumOfAllowedVariablesForScatterPlots
Int_t fNbins1D
Int_t fNbins2D
Int_t fNbinsMVAoutput
Int_t fNbinsXOfROCCurve
Int_t fPlotFormat
Float_t fTimesRMS
Bool_t fUsePaperStyle

#include <TMVA/Config.h>

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 113 of file Config.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fMaxNumOfAllowedVariables

Int_t TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting::fMaxNumOfAllowedVariables

Definition at line 108 of file Config.h.

◆ fMaxNumOfAllowedVariablesForScatterPlots

Int_t TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting::fMaxNumOfAllowedVariablesForScatterPlots

Definition at line 109 of file Config.h.

◆ fNbins1D

Int_t TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting::fNbins1D

Definition at line 106 of file Config.h.

◆ fNbins2D

Int_t TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting::fNbins2D

Definition at line 107 of file Config.h.

◆ fNbinsMVAoutput

Int_t TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting::fNbinsMVAoutput

Definition at line 110 of file Config.h.

◆ fNbinsXOfROCCurve

Int_t TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting::fNbinsXOfROCCurve

Definition at line 111 of file Config.h.

◆ fPlotFormat

Int_t TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting::fPlotFormat

Definition at line 114 of file Config.h.

◆ fTimesRMS

Float_t TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting::fTimesRMS

Definition at line 105 of file Config.h.

◆ fUsePaperStyle

Bool_t TMVA::Config::VariablePlotting::fUsePaperStyle

Definition at line 112 of file Config.h.

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