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TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats Class Reference

Definition at line 207 of file DataSetFactory.h.

Public Member Functions

 EventStats ()
 ~EventStats ()
Float_t cutScaling () const

Public Attributes

Int_t nEvAfterCut
Int_t nEvBeforeCut
Int_t nInitialEvents
Double_t nNegWeights
Int_t nTestingEventsRequested
Int_t nTrainingEventsRequested
Float_t nWeEvAfterCut
Float_t nWeEvBeforeCut
Float_t TrainTestSplitRequested

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EventStats()

TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::EventStats ( )

Definition at line 219 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ ~EventStats()

TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::~EventStats ( )

Definition at line 231 of file DataSetFactory.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cutScaling()

Float_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::cutScaling ( ) const

Definition at line 232 of file DataSetFactory.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ nEvAfterCut

Int_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::nEvAfterCut

Definition at line 214 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ nEvBeforeCut

Int_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::nEvBeforeCut

Definition at line 213 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ nInitialEvents

Int_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::nInitialEvents

Definition at line 212 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ nNegWeights

Double_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::nNegWeights

Definition at line 217 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ nTestingEventsRequested

Int_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::nTestingEventsRequested

Definition at line 210 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ nTrainingEventsRequested

Int_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::nTrainingEventsRequested

Definition at line 209 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ nWeEvAfterCut

Float_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::nWeEvAfterCut

Definition at line 216 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ nWeEvBeforeCut

Float_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::nWeEvBeforeCut

Definition at line 215 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ TrainTestSplitRequested

Float_t TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::TrainTestSplitRequested

Definition at line 211 of file DataSetFactory.h.

◆ varAvLength

Float_t* TMVA::DataSetFactory::EventStats::varAvLength

Definition at line 218 of file DataSetFactory.h.

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