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kNN Class Reference

kNN::Event describes point in input variable vector-space, with additional functionality like distance between points

Public Types

typedef std::pair< const Node< Event > *, VarTypeElem
typedef std::vector< TMVA::kNN::EventEventVec
typedef std::list< ElemList
typedef Float_t VarType
typedef std::vector< VarTypeVarVec

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Elem

typedef std::pair<const Node<Event> *, VarType> kNN::Elem

Definition at line 98 of file ModulekNN.h.

◆ EventVec

typedef std::vector<TMVA::kNN::Event> kNN::EventVec

Definition at line 97 of file ModulekNN.h.

◆ List

typedef std::list<Elem> kNN::List

Definition at line 99 of file ModulekNN.h.

◆ VarType

Definition at line 56 of file ModulekNN.h.

◆ VarVec

typedef std::vector<VarType> kNN::VarVec

Definition at line 57 of file ModulekNN.h.

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