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QuartzImage Class Reference

Definition at line 87 of file QuartzPixmap.h.

Instance Methods

(unsigned) - fHeight
(CGImageRef) - fImage
(BOOL) - fIsOpenGLWidget
(BOOL) - fIsPixmap
(unsigned) - fWidth
(id- initFromImage:
(id- initFromImageFlipped:
(id- initFromPixmap:
(id- initMaskWithW:H:
(id- initMaskWithW:H:bitmapMask:
(id- initWithW:H:data:
(unsigned char *) - readColorBits:
- Instance Methods inherited from <X11Drawable>
(void- copy:area:withMask:clipOrigin:toPoint:
(CGFloat) - fScaleFactor
(int- fX
(int- fY


unsigned fID
BOOL fIsStippleMask
- Properties inherited from <X11Drawable>
CGContextRef fContext
unsigned fID

Private Attributes

unsigned fHeight
ROOT::MacOSX::Util::CFScopeGuard< CGImageRef > fImage
std::vector< unsigned char > fImageData
unsigned fWidth

#import <QuartzPixmap.h>

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Method Documentation

◆ fHeight

- (unsigned) fHeight

Reimplemented from <X11Drawable>.

Definition at line 756 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ fImage

- (CGImageRef) fImage

Definition at line 762 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ fIsOpenGLWidget

- (BOOL) fIsOpenGLWidget

Reimplemented from <X11Drawable>.

Definition at line 737 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ fIsPixmap

- (BOOL) fIsPixmap

Reimplemented from <X11Drawable>.

Definition at line 731 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ fWidth

- (unsigned) fWidth

Reimplemented from <X11Drawable>.

Definition at line 750 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ initFromImage:

- (id) initFromImage: (QuartzImage *)  image

Definition at line 571 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ initFromImageFlipped:

- (id) initFromImageFlipped: (QuartzImage *)  image

Definition at line 582 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ initFromPixmap:

- (id) initFromPixmap: (QuartzPixmap *)  pixmap

Definition at line 560 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ initMaskWithW:H:

- (id) initMaskWithW: (unsigned)  width
H: (unsigned)  height 

Definition at line 518 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ initMaskWithW:H:bitmapMask:

- (id) initMaskWithW: (unsigned)  width
H: (unsigned)  height
bitmapMask: (unsigned char *)  mask 

Definition at line 475 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ initWithW:H:data:

- (id) initWithW: (unsigned)  width
H: (unsigned)  height
data: (unsigned char *)  data 

Definition at line 419 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

◆ readColorBits:

- (unsigned char *) readColorBits: (ROOT::MacOSX::X11::Rectangle area

Reimplemented from <X11Drawable>.

Definition at line 677 of file QuartzPixmap.mm.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fHeight

- (unsigned) fHeight

Definition at line 94 of file QuartzPixmap.h.

◆ fImage

- MacOSX:

Definition at line 96 of file QuartzPixmap.h.

◆ fImageData

- (vector<unsigned char>) QuartzImage:

Definition at line 97 of file QuartzPixmap.h.

◆ fWidth

- (unsigned) fWidth

Definition at line 93 of file QuartzPixmap.h.

Property Documentation

◆ fID

- (unsigned) fID

Definition at line 91 of file QuartzPixmap.h.

◆ fIsStippleMask

- (BOOL) fIsStippleMask

Definition at line 90 of file QuartzPixmap.h.

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