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3 TCanvas *S = new TCanvas("script","Italic Bold",400,150);
5 TLatex Tl;
6 Tl.SetTextSize(0.18);
7 Tl.SetTextAlign(12);
8 TLatex Tt;
9 Tt.SetTextSize(0.18);
10 Tt.SetTextFont(82);
11 Tt.SetTextAlign(12);
13 // Draw First Column
14 float y, x1, x2;
15 float step = 0.5;
16 y = 0.75; x1 = 0.02; x2 = x1+0.1;
18 Tl.DrawLatex(x2, y, "#bf{bold}, #it{italic}, #bf{#it{bold italic}}, #bf{#bf{unbold}}") ; Tt.DrawText(x1, y, "(1)");
19 y -= step ; Tl.DrawLatex(x2, y, "abc#alpha#beta#gamma, #it{abc#alpha#beta#gamma}") ; Tt.DrawText(x1, y, "(2)");
21 return S;
static const double x2[5]
static const double x1[5]
virtual void SetTextAlign(Short_t align=11)
Set the text alignment.
Definition: TAttText.h:41
virtual void SetTextFont(Font_t tfont=62)
Set the text font.
Definition: TAttText.h:45
virtual void SetTextSize(Float_t tsize=1)
Set the text size.
Definition: TAttText.h:46
The Canvas class.
Definition: TCanvas.h:23
To draw Mathematical Formula.
Definition: TLatex.h:18
TLatex * DrawLatex(Double_t x, Double_t y, const char *text)
Make a copy of this object with the new parameters And copy object attributes.
Definition: TLatex.cxx:1941
virtual TText * DrawText(Double_t x, Double_t y, const char *text)
Draw this text with new coordinates.
Definition: TText.cxx:175
TCanvas * itbold()
Definition: itbold.C:1
Double_t y[n]
Definition: legend1.C:17
RooArgSet S(Args_t &&... args)
Definition: RooArgSet.h:215