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1import argparse
4 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False, prog='root',
5 description = """ROOTs Object-Oriented Technologies.\n
6root is an interactive interpreter of C++ code. It uses the ROOT framework. For more information on ROOT, please refer to\n
7An extensive Users Guide is available from that site (see below).
9 parser.add_argument('-b', help='Run in batch mode without graphics')
10 parser.add_argument('-x', help='Exit on exceptions')
11 parser.add_argument('-e', help='Execute the command passed between single quotes')
12 parser.add_argument('-n', help='Do not execute logon and logoff macros as specified in .rootrc')
13 parser.add_argument('-t', help='Enable thread-safety and implicit multi-threading (IMT)')
14 parser.add_argument('-q', help='Exit after processing command line macro files')
15 parser.add_argument('-l', help='Do not show the ROOT banner')
16 parser.add_argument('-a', help='Show the ROOT splash screen')
17 parser.add_argument('-config', help='print ./configure options')
18 parser.add_argument('-h','-?', '--help', help='Show summary of options')
19 parser.add_argument('--version', help='Show the ROOT version')
20 parser.add_argument('--notebook', help='Execute ROOT notebook')
21 parser.add_argument('--web', help='Use web-based display for graphics, browser, geometry')
22 parser.add_argument('--web=<type>', help='Use the specified web-based display such as chrome, firefox, qt6\nFor more options see the documentation of TROOT::SetWebDisplay()')
23 parser.add_argument('--web=off', help='Disable any kind of web-based display')
24 parser.add_argument('[dir]', help='if dir is a valid directory cd to it before executing')
25 parser.add_argument('[data1.root...dataN.root]', help='Open the given ROOT files; remote protocols (such as http://) are supported')
26 parser.add_argument('[file1.C...fileN.C]', help='Execute the ROOT macro file1.C ... fileN.C\nCompilation flags as well as macro arguments can be passed, see format in https://root.cern/manual/root_macros_and_shared_libraries/')
27 parser.add_argument('[file1_C.so...fileN_C.so]', help='Load and execute file1_C.so ... fileN_C.so (or .dll if on Windows)\nThey should be already-compiled ROOT macros (shared libraries) or:\nregular user shared libraries e.g. userlib.so with a function userlib(args)')
28 return parser