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ROOT::Minuit2::MinimumError::Data Struct Reference

Definition at line 80 of file MinimumError.h.

Public Attributes

bool fAvailable
double fDCovar
bool fHesseFailed
bool fInvertFailed
bool fMadePosDef
MnAlgebraicSymMatrix fMatrix
bool fPosDef
bool fValid

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAvailable

bool ROOT::Minuit2::MinimumError::Data::fAvailable

Definition at line 88 of file MinimumError.h.

◆ fDCovar

double ROOT::Minuit2::MinimumError::Data::fDCovar

Definition at line 82 of file MinimumError.h.

◆ fHesseFailed

bool ROOT::Minuit2::MinimumError::Data::fHesseFailed

Definition at line 86 of file MinimumError.h.

◆ fInvertFailed

bool ROOT::Minuit2::MinimumError::Data::fInvertFailed

Definition at line 87 of file MinimumError.h.

◆ fMadePosDef

bool ROOT::Minuit2::MinimumError::Data::fMadePosDef

Definition at line 85 of file MinimumError.h.

◆ fMatrix

MnAlgebraicSymMatrix ROOT::Minuit2::MinimumError::Data::fMatrix

Definition at line 81 of file MinimumError.h.

◆ fPosDef

bool ROOT::Minuit2::MinimumError::Data::fPosDef

Definition at line 84 of file MinimumError.h.

◆ fValid

bool ROOT::Minuit2::MinimumError::Data::fValid

Definition at line 83 of file MinimumError.h.

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