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TGFontDialog::FontProp_t Struct Reference

Definition at line 27 of file TGFontDialog.h.

Public Attributes

UInt_t fAlign
 text alignment
Bool_t fBold
 bold flag
Pixel_t fColor
 text color
Bool_t fItalic
 italic flag
TString fName
 font name
Int_t fSize
 font size

#include <TGFontDialog.h>

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAlign

UInt_t TGFontDialog::FontProp_t::fAlign

text alignment

Definition at line 30 of file TGFontDialog.h.

◆ fBold

Bool_t TGFontDialog::FontProp_t::fBold

bold flag

Definition at line 32 of file TGFontDialog.h.

◆ fColor

Pixel_t TGFontDialog::FontProp_t::fColor

text color

Definition at line 31 of file TGFontDialog.h.

◆ fItalic

Bool_t TGFontDialog::FontProp_t::fItalic

italic flag

Definition at line 33 of file TGFontDialog.h.

◆ fName

TString TGFontDialog::FontProp_t::fName

font name

Definition at line 28 of file TGFontDialog.h.

◆ fSize

Int_t TGFontDialog::FontProp_t::fSize

font size

Definition at line 29 of file TGFontDialog.h.

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