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sweep.h File Reference
#include "mesh.h"
#include "dict.h"
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struct  ActiveRegion


#define RegionAbove(r)   ((ActiveRegion *) dictKey(dictSucc((r)->nodeUp)))
#define RegionBelow(r)   ((ActiveRegion *) dictKey(dictPred((r)->nodeUp)))


int __gl_computeInterior (GLUtesselator *tess)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ RegionAbove

#define RegionAbove (   r)    ((ActiveRegion *) dictKey(dictSucc((r)->nodeUp)))

Definition at line 75 of file sweep.h.

◆ RegionBelow

#define RegionBelow (   r)    ((ActiveRegion *) dictKey(dictPred((r)->nodeUp)))

Definition at line 74 of file sweep.h.

Function Documentation

◆ __gl_computeInterior()

int __gl_computeInterior ( GLUtesselator tess)

Definition at line 1301 of file sweep.c.